Just The Beast

My life, all I really wanted was to find someone that I could talk to, hold on to, love. Ive tried so many times, so many attempts just to be lied to and blown off. Im at the point where I dont know what to do, all my friends have had their fair share and I cant seem to be able find the Beauty to my Beast.

HollowTree HollowTree
18-21, M
4 Responses Oct 26, 2010

Chaos symbol? I know how you feel if that is the case. I feel like 'the beast' myself. So many desires to be satisfied, I realize when I am with a girl as just a friend; if she is hinting at something more I see the end before the beginning.<br />
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OOC have you had any luck using magic?

I'm 35, indian and still a virgin. my advice is to read alot of sensuous stories and play touching games with yourself. in time you will find your love and then it will be real! wish u good luck in your search! u not alone

Best (realistic) advice tbh. I'm 19 and this is what I do. There's really little a guy can do about his lack of relationships these days. A socially awkward guy is pretty much screwed.

Hun dont be sad someone is out there for you she will come

^_^ I have an Idea how you might feel. I'm sorry.