It's Not About Me!

We've all heard it's not you, it's just me - and then the triabe begins. Well, let me tell you this about that and that is this;;;
It IS about ME! I've started and finished many involvements with several really wonderful people and gave every ounce of me to the whole thing only for the Play to have an unhappy ending with me sitting at the gate while the game is now over! Every one else got to play but me! The one big thing that stays with me the whole time or after it has ended is this: MOVE-Forward, just keep moving ahead. One foot in front of the other till all the steps are completed. No matter what, stay true to Who You Are and don't pretend to always like yourself.

Just Sayin....
N2Wishin N2Wishin
46-50, F
1 Response Oct 26, 2010

CaresselsFabulous....thanks for your comment, appreciate your insight. Sounds like you've been there and learned from it. Lying is a dead-end for sure! Thanks again, hope to bump into you again!<br />