's Pathetic

it's horrible to admit, i've never fallen inlove, never have crushes on real people( only cleb crushes) life is boring
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Change your way of thinking. If you think you're ugly then you will always be. Everything is mental, you are like a magnet that attracts what you think of yourself. Break that bubble you are living in, and make another one of beauty. Beauty is not outside waiting for people to feel sorry for you. It's not what people think of you. It's what you think of yourself. And who controls your negative thoughts, me, somebody else, or simply you???? I bet you you have lots of beautiful things outside and inside of you. I'm gonna give you a secret and a tecnique. Everyday take a moment of solitude in your room. Close your door. Lay in bed, stay motionless in a comfortable position. Breathe and think about good and positive thoughts (you choose them) like love, peace, prosperity, beauty. Etc. This will recharge you with positive thoughts. Do it everyday and you'll see a difference in your life. Deep inside of you your problem are your thoughts. Thousand of guys are willing to have a woman like you. Expand your mind babe. It's not only the people you know, or the places you move, or the country you live. Remember you are and attract what you think of yourself. You control your thoughts, and that's your problem, nothing else. Think about it. Are you intelligent????? Show it to yourself. A big kiss and love for you. Still doubt it???

Not at all. I'm the same way. I never been in a relationship either.

but youve also never felt the burn of heart break :)

that's true :)

Wow story of my life. I am getting confident these days though! do u do that? (your confidence)

Lots of work but persistently finding reasons to have self-worth.

Don't worry,<br />
No matter what your issues are, consult your closest friend. <br />
If you are feeling alone, go out and meet someone.<br />
When you just need something to do, call a friend.<br />
<br />
Ps. Sorry that sounded stalker-ish of me :3

hahah..anyways thank you!

No problem :) trying my best..thanks for your words

I guess the message is more about becoming comfortable with yourself. Just take it in small steps. I think you are already doing that, though :)

lol, complexe....i have long been suffering from a self-loathing syndrome and it's kindda ironic when u ask me not to love myself too much...

do not love ur self too much, this happen when people start loving themself, there abilities there beauti there dream . think about other how they feel, what they like, and stop loving ur self but remeber not hating ur self bc thats a another desease

well, i guess we're in the same boat then...:(<br />
anyway, have a good day

ohh really?

wow! XD~ cool!

Well, married at 18. Grandpa at 37.

@greggs : seriously? you were married at 17! :) nice to know though...

It's funny...when I was your age I was married with two kids. All of my friends were single and "enjoying life." Then, after the kids grew up, all of my friends had young kids and weren't free to go out and play. Funny how we always "feel" like we're out of step with our friends. Maybe we just need different friends that are at the same place in life we are? Look around, you're probably not alone. (Easy for me to say now.)

@ fogarty : well, thanks. hope so i find someone really nice. dont wanna be caught up in somekind of drama

I know it sounds like a cliche but I think it's true that, when you are no longer looking, you find someone. In the meantime, I think Greggs has good advice.

@ unfairhair : but..i dun wanna gor old, wrinkly and lonely when all my friends are married with's a scary thought<br />
<br />
@greggs : i definitely hope so..thanks for the kind words...:)

One day you'll accidentally meet someone and it'll just happen. Until then, enjoy life, make friends, eat fine food, travel, enjoy some awesome hobbies. Oh, and use sunscreen. :)

@unfairhair: I would never get into a long one! I'm not trying to be with anyone for the rest of my life. I just want something short-term that didn't require sex.

Your still very young though, also its much better to have not been in a relationship then to find and stick in a bad one just to not be alone! Relationships are a lot of stress and responsibility...beleive me, when you get into a long one you will miss your days of freedom, so enjoy...your freedom...I sure miss mine

@ aliloveless : yay to celeb crushes!!! lolz

@guidance508: You have a point. It's just my feelings don't get returned. And I don't think I could handle a real relationship. I'm not trying to give bad adivce or stop people from "growing". It's just (in life) we only get what we can handle. If we're not ready, then I guess it's not meant for us yet.

Aliloveless,<br />
<br />
I disagree. Crush can be good and teaches how to hold feelings in check. Love is a two way street. <br />
<br />
Celeb crushes teach little and can go on for years. <br />
<br />
I have to agree, its impossible not to fall in love. It will come. People grow and have love at different rates so do not rush it. Just get out there and be open to coversations. Then be carful of crush, love and one sided relationship. <br />
<br />
For what its worth there are tall women, short women, large busted ones who do not get dates. Nothing is guarunteed. Later they do meet the right person. In a way their life is better for not having so many bad relationships. <br />
<br />
Yes the not knowing when and where sucks. Yes its easy for us to say its ok. It was harder for me to feel as they did. <br />
<br />
Good luck. <br />
<br />

Having crushes on real people is a double-egded sword. The butterflys (and/or the "can't eat", "can't sleep" stage) you feel for celebs are right in front of you. The painful drawback of that is the rejection and making a fool out of yourself. And this only romantic attraction! I don't recommend it. I would stick to the celeb crushes.

It's impossible to Never fall in love. It is human to love, be human, look at people, you'll start to get feelings for them as you continue to look. If it's a chick, look at her butt, a guy then idk. I hope you are able to find someone u are able to love! Gl =]

I too can say it gets better but what you may want is "when" and "how" and why. <br />
Do not feel alone - there are others out there. Its just hard to find them. <br />
Its easy for me say "People develop at different rates' Just like some guys mature far faster than others. Some women develop feelings and relationships faster than others. You may feel far behind but, eh you are not. Wait till you get into college and the working world. Some do not have relatinships into their 30's. The writing C.S. Lewis was one. <br />
<br />
BTW its not all you. It takes two. That is the hard part. What is a lock without a key? What is a battery without a flashlight to hold it? Nothing but a dead flashlight till the two meet up and light the room. Both are normal - the battery has all the energy. The right flashlight just needs to hold it, secure it and let the light shine. <br />
The not knowing does suck. I whish I could fix it. I hope you will not rush things and go for something less. <br />
<br />

@ cocon408 : Thank you! Have a great day! ;D

@DreamerOfConfusement : I hope so. The saddest thing is not me being lonely but seeing some of my closest friends drifting further and further away from me. But I can't be possibly be that selfish to expect them to stay single all their lives so we will still have girls night out every fortnight.<br />
<br />
@ XxSilentEmoxX : LOL. It's good to know that there a people who can still undertstand my situation. Thanks~<br />
<br />
@julenedellamor: i certainly hope it does! <br />
<br />
@coloco : ohh, colocco...I used to stare at the lonely star upon the violet sky, asking God, how will my future be. I am afraid of everything, afraid of life, afraid of whatever circumstances which will befall me. And I realise the main reason I'm not in a relationship is due to myself. I am a tangled piece of soul trapped inside this dull body of mine. <br />
p/s: rofl. i do sound like a psycopath, do i?

it gets better

I remember those feelings and a lot more<br />
I don't know where they went<br />
they infused my nights listening to the radio<br />
the times sitting alone looking into the moonlight loneliness sitting on me like a cloak<br />
and watching the world through the dim light<br />
the trees swaying in the breeze, birds quietly asleep, the crickets chirping.<br />
Afraid I would never find anyone, nor they me.<br />
I wonder what happened to those feelings, they used to reside here,<br />
we were old friends who spoke nightly