What I Think About Never Being In A Relationship

I am twenty years old and I have never been in a romantic relationship and I am also a virgin. Reading through some of the stories and comments
I realize that a lot of people have found that isolation is unhealthy and that there are severe consequences. Perhaps I am just rationalizing my
way of life, but I think in the early stages of independence and adulthood its important to create a foundation based on self reliance not
co-dependence. The truth is I am afraid to get attached or close to people because I have lost everyone I really cared about. I moved constantly growing
up and I just learned not to get close to people because I will soon loose them. I am breaking out of this mindset and exploring the idea of
building a healthy relationship. I just wonder if connection and someone to lean on and experience life with will fill the void I feel.
I fear that I will find love and even then it wont be enough for me. Like saying I will be happy when this happens or that happens, but when
you get there you are not. Do relationships fill the void?
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i have been alone as long as you have been alive. if you are in the state of mind where you can safely trust a man with yourself, and open yourself up to the kind of love you seek, then i say go for it, but see the man for who he is and not what you want him to be, a lot of guys will just totally fake it to be with a girl, cause they don't want to be lonely either.

"see the man for who he is and not what you want him to be"
thats exactly what I needed to hear right now =)

I understand your feelings I am 36 not in a romantic relationship and never got any further than hugs and kisses. Decided years ago I do not need love in any other way than hugs and kisses. Then started with a friendship with someone may be I should not I found I had a crush on him. Other stories of mine on here will give you what happened. Anyway we now have what I have always wanted but never thought I would get. OK the situation is not easy I do not get very much time with him but I trust him and have feelings for him and he obviously has feelings for me. So I think may be what you need to do is start with a friendship and then build on that. They do say from small acorns giant oaks grow so start small. Good Luck.

If she is the right woman for you, you will not lose her when you tell her how you feel

wow....same here.....i am afraid i might lose someone if i tell her how i feel about her !