Well..... Not Really I Guess!

Well I have had about 4 or 5 Gfs but each relationship only lasted like 4 or 5 months!! and they all broke up with me!! Now that's BAD!! they usually say that I'm way too busy and don't spend enough time with them, or that I need to be more affectionate...it sucks, but all I can do is take the lessons, dust myself off and try again!! Hopefully something longer than just A FEW MONTHS!!! lol
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You can do it :)

It would be nice...It's becoming tough out there! Thanks a Ton!

Don't worry, you will find your perfect match one day.

thx buddy!!! hopefully she's as beautiful and as sweet as you are!!!

Your welcome :)

Sounds like, they did not share your goals of you getting that engineer degree. Guess they don’t realize that the reason the field pays so well, is because that everyone can do it and it take a lot of work to get there. It is good to see you have not given up on your goals, because the window of opportunity stays open only a short time. Don't worry the right woman will pop up when you least expect it.<br />
I wish you the best.

I definitely appreciate that Jones47 and will continue to work hard to make those dreams come true!!!