Close To 30 And Still Nothing

So I posted here before years ago, and I am posting again. I have never OFFICIALLY been in a relationship. People either took advantage of me and/or lied to me. Well I have larned my lesson. never trust anyone who says "they care about you" because it's their way of saying that they don't LOVE you. I am not even looking for a relationship. I stopped caring. I used to say that and cry which meant that I did care, but writting here, I am calm and emotionless, just writting a fact. I stopped believing, and honestly feel relieved.
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Please don't go to extremes. Just because you had your trust abused doesn't mean that everyone is out to deceive you. U must regain your own faith in your abilities to judge and gauge peoples level of trustworthiness and honesty. people will tend to put their own needs ahead of others but Not everyone in favor of anyone. Just think of parents and what they do for their children (Mostly).

Good for you I'm 45 an feel the same way every girl I've been with eather needs there car fixed (I'm a mechanic ) or wants there house all done up an never just me so I say **** them

One day you will find someone. I'm well over 30 now and still searching. Of course there are a lot of things I've already missed, but I don't think it's worth giving up just yet.

I have never 'officially' been in a relationship, period. I think it could be the best way to be. Now, to be in a relationship means (to me) you see another person regularly, care about them and eventually, become intimate in some way... Sometimes that leads to sex...

good for you i feel the same way thanx for sharing

I feel just like you nobody wants me for me just what they can git from me an when they get it they leave me all used up an broke or broken hearted an angrey at myself for letting them into my heart an life

... I'll offer that from what I've seen, the "right thing" comes at it's own time ... so you have to wait ... and at the same time, be open and ready for it ... that's definitely one of the hard perspectives to understand and accept in life ... so I'll pray for the "right thing" for you ... :-)

I am a 29 year old spanish man who is feeling lonely. I am planning to move to uk soon.
I am looking to know the woman of my life and to know new friends. i don´t stopped caring. Why couldn´t it be ??
Send me a message as we could get in contact and change photos, talk, etc....i am living alone in a flat, and i feel pain of that...

I feel the same. I have been in relationships but I choose not to anymore. even the good ones lead to emotional pain so I figure why enter them. I am happy alone. Sure sometimes it would be nice to have someone to cuddle and share my frustrations with but that is annoyance does not come close to the bad things associated with relationships!! Hang in there. Our choice is probably the wiser one!!!

it was sad reading this, but you are young by comparison, don't let the "lessons" keep you from finding the right person... they were necessary...they will guide you.