Stupid And I Know It!!

it all started with my first crush........i knew he liked me and i think he liked me back?? But he never really did anything about it....
And then 10th grade know the stage where you once thought everybody just cant help but fall in love with you...yeah that one. Suffice to say it was a colossal mess. After that i tried dating (key word being tried) dating these two guys (at different times of course) they just further messed up my beliefs in my dating talents. The last one messed up my mind so much that i have considered the option of never dating!!
Thats pretty much it!!
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Don't quit darlin, your dealing with boys.
They don't know what they want at that age, other than sex. Try not to take anything they say or do to serious. We do mature & if you choose well we can be as loyal as any other dog. So be careful with your heart and please don't give up.

thanks..........i have decided not to quit, just not ready for a relationship now........and i know most women think men are dogs...but i disagree.......Because i am cyanophobic........:)

Thats a new one on me I thought cyan was a color.
As for the dog I I meant no dishonor for our best friend, but I believe we have all at sometime in our lives have dogged out on someone. I really admire your attitude, you are a national treasure in my humble eyes.

Yeah. One thing I really couldn't ever understand about some guys is their need to mess with the mind of a woman in love. Why play pretend? Either you love her or you don't. I don't think that you should give up on the option of ever dating again. Then where would that leave all of those hopeless romantic guys out there that are looking for a woman like you? Not me, of course!!! I'm completely taken upon one woman and even if she doesn't have me back into her heart again I will most certainly not find love again. I would rather die alone waiting for her than play make-believe with a woman I would never be able to love... because my heart had already been taken! Aaahh. 0_o *combs had through hair while in deep thought* I'm hoping that I will be back deep within her heart before the end of this year. Love is grand and I urge you to never give up on something so beautiful.

such lovely thoughts:).......i hope you find that place in her heart again.....but I'm still confused. It's not exactly encouraging when no one shows any interest. Not brooding, it is just a thought.

Haha. I wasn't not showing an interest in you. I do have an interest in your mind!!! xD However, I'm not attracted to you beyond what is in your mind because I already am deeply and unconditionally in love with someone else. There are so many men out there that would find complete interest in you, your character, your body, and every bit of your entire personality. Yet, for me... After I fell in love with this woman, no other person could do that for me. She's the only woman that I love and the only person that I will ever feel so deeply for. I'm sure that you are rather attractive and have many amiable qualities. Although, just because one person isn't showing a relationship or sexually driven interest in you doesn't mean that there aren't countless upon countless people that would act in the same manner. I'm sure your other-half is somewhere out there looking for you. If you give up now, wouldn't that be a tragedy for both of you? ^_^ Maybe you need to start looking for your lover where your heart lies. Try joining a study group with people of similar interests if you're in college. Or, join a club for people that share the same hobby or interests for a specific subject. That might be an easy way to find the person that you've been looking for all along. Not all guys are the same. Not everyone is out to destroy your reasons for love. A lot of men are able to deeply and passionately love fully and unconditionally. It might take a few hits and misses but you'll never know if you don't take a few swings!

lol "everyone can't help but fall in love with you" that's cute =D
Well I also have never dated anyone, and right now I'm sorting it all out.

I mess with girls minds, because I am confused. I want to get close to people, but I am afraid of getting close to people.

I'm afraid of getting too close to people too, never ended too well. Mess with girls minds?? its gonna bite you in your a** someday!!