Almost 23 And I Feel So Unloved

I have felt lonely almost my whole life. People came and left from my life but I was unable to connect with them. I have no social skills and I feel that people dislike me, although I always try to be friendly. I feel so ugly and unwanted, my self esteem is getting lower day by day. I have never been in a relationship and I think myself as a big loser.All I want is to find someone to give my love to. But noone seems to want it.
symphony7 symphony7
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I am in the same boat. i am also 23 and never been in a relationship. i want to be with someone eentually but not now. i just dont feel like where i am in my life is the perfect place for me to be in a relationship. i have dreams and one of my dreams invilve falling in love and having that same person feeling the sme way but i just know that now is not the time. i am just now getting to the fact that i am a big deal and if any guy doesnt recognize this then i dont need them. i just if you are in a situation where you are not happy then having a boyfriend will not change things. maybe temporarily but if you are not happy the way you are how much happiness will you be able to share. focus on finding things that makes you happy and doing things that makes you happy. you cant expect someone to come in to your life and just all of a sudden make you happy then you are making him your source of happiness. That can be unhealthy. prepare yourself.for what you wish to have.

thank you

Certainly never any fun to feel "unloved". Sure know the feeling. Hopefully you will find the right guy to give your love too :). With my experience, even if I found people to give my love to, it hasent really been satisfying in many ways. To be short, goten my heart broken a lot really, but I wasent until about 23yrs old before I met anyone anyway. Its weird like that too, you are unpopular all the time then just click, suddly everyone wants you for some reason, lol. Im sure that will happend with you as well eventually :).

Symphony7, you are not alone "All I want is to find someone to give my love to" Story of my life. This is story is like I wrote it! It's very similar to how i feel. One day It'll all be better....It has to.

ive always felt the same way,it hurts bad,i married the first woman i finally went out with and been in hell for 15 years now.she is cold and ruthless and has boyriends all over,i am in the house all alone most of the time,lonely and scared wanting to meet someone to love,i started doing things out of box that i normally wouldnt do like hiking clubs and any church events and im now meeting so many people that i didnt know existed,hang in there ,youll find himstand tall and be confident always