Idc About My Straight Friend Problems, Am I Selfish?>

heres the thing i have many friends, and it is beginning to be the point that everyone of my friends are in a relationship, and i have NEVER even been in ONE, so in the end when they vent. i dont care. my friends complain about people who have broke their hearts......i only wish that i cared for someone and they mutually did at some point that they made me feel so great that heartbreak feels like dying.

but isnt that the thing about heartbreak. ppl forget the amazing times. in which im jealous, i go out every night and not one person is interested in me
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

oooooh i've been there, and I don't think it's selfish. I mean, it hurts and although you want to be there for your friends, they shouldn't want to make you feel awful for it.