Never been in a relationship and I'm 18. Maybe because I don't have the body guys don't like me or maybe because I can talk back..
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Ditto to what razo01 said, sweetie!

Probably cuz you talk back.

Jk. .some guys are into that. Who knows maybe they do you just havent noticed

One crazy stalker does and he is scary. Very scary. He also said that I have no life

Maybe he is just upset cuz you arent with him.

Haha maybe? But we don't have anything in common. Yeah that's it. I like anime and tv shows and no one in this city has the same likes as me.. :-( I should move to another country

They say opposites attract. You would be surprised there probably is ppl that like the same stuff you do.

I hope so but here people don't like girls who are dark or who are flat and I am both :-(

☺ i guess. Where you from?

Maldives. You?

Maldives never heard of it. Currently King City CA.

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