I honestly do not get why everyone wants one, or thinks I am lame for not having a boyfriend. I am only 14 years old, I do not need a boyfriend or sex or love, I believe I am not mature enough for this yet. I just wish more people thought this way instead of rushing to grow up, then when something bad happens (like if they get pregnant/get a girl pregnant), they suddenly wish they were a child again. Why can't we take the time to play around and grow before we make adult decisions, why is this so frowned upon? Why can't everyone just slow down and achieve greatness instead of never becoming successful because of a stupid mistake you made when you were a kid? This world is so strange.
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I know exactly what you are saying!
My reaction to other people: "**** off I'm going to play with my Lego."

It is, indeed!

Do what's right for you-just as my 14 and 11 year old nieces-guided by my sister and her husband-are making wise & prudent decisions! :)

I think I'm mature enough to have a bf but I don't want one Bcuz it's just drama