Not Now

probaly not ever,  I have pretty much given up on ever being in one.  being 29 and having never been in a relationship I think I'm just a lost cause.  I mean who is going to put up with me,  waiting for me to figure things like dating, relationships , sex and other things I should have some idea and experience with

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I am 22 and that's what I think sometimes, but God does not give up on us and he does not forget about us! Maybe God will put a woman in your life who has never been in a relationship either, or he may put a woman in your life that is willing to be patient. Lean into the Lord and tell him what you want. It may be that God will change your mind on the type of woman he has in store for you but he will give you the right woman, a wife that will suit your needs and you will suit hers. Ask, pray, and stay hopeful!

I second fox26 :)

I don't see anything wrong with a guy who's never dated, no matter what age. I also have never been in a relationship so I know exactly what you're going through (it hurts!) but I don't think it means there is anything wrong with you. In fact, I would much rather go out with a guy like you than a guy who's had a dozen girlfriends! Most of my friends agree, so no need to be embarrassed about it. There are girls who will like you even more because of it :)

This is on my mind now because a lady I just met said I'd better hurry because I'm going to miss the train. What? Then I felt I had to confess my one past relationship that lasted almost ten years just to prove I did have someone once. But I think she summed up what most people and family think about me. My nephew just had a kid in NEPHEW.

i wish i had some words of wisdom beyond the usual but i don't know what to say. you'd think at my age i would know something on the subject but i feel like a newbie myself.

out of the game hell I've never been in the ballpark. as I have said on here somewhre before I have never taken someone out on a date ever. hell I cant even say I have really had female friends so I am completely up ***** creek

i can relate to that, loneranger. i feel like i've been out of the game for so long that i've lost those social skills that i used to have with the opposite sex. where to go and especially, what to talk about. getting past those first stages is hard and nerve wracking.

with no experience or clue about dating, romance or relationships I just don't know. I mean even if I could find someone, I wouldn't have the first clue about where to go on a date or anything. and now with most friends in relationships and have kids or expecting kids, noone wants to go anywhere and me going out by myself, well that would be a waste. <br />
<br />
and carring on a conversation is hard enough with people I have known for a while. carring one with someone I am just meeting for the first time forget it

i can relate to that, hornyv. not feeling loved and really cared about is the worst. sex doesn't equal love at all.

actually, personally, i wouldnt, because i have a friend who is in your situation (she's 26). But i realize how much it suck to have MOST people slowly back away. life is unfair from what i gather...

but still if you met a guy who was 29 and found out he has never been on a date, ever had sex, been kissed and other things you should of experienced by then you wouldn't be thinking what the hell is wrong with this guy and slowly back away

i am also waiting for that relationship. i have never had a boyfriend and its taking its toll. i have had lots of sex, but the feeling that no one has never loved me is what hurts

It's so hard to meet people and find the right person these days. It seems like everyone is just looking for some casual sex or there are just too many expectations and guidelines to fit into someone's heart and life..Even with the internet.. I still think it makes it easier to meet people tho. But its hard work. Good luck, keep trying. I'm bad at it but I know I will.

even though i've known plenty of men, dated, had sex etc, i'm still waiting to have the relationship i've always wanted. what i had with them doesn't equal a relationship, not by my definition of the word. and i'm older than you, so don't feel too bad.