This is a very touchy topic for me.  I am an 18 year old girl and I feel like there is something wrong with me because I have never been in a relationship or been kissed.  I feel I am missing out on a lot.  It isn't because I am mean or ugly or anything.  I don't know why no one wants to love me : (.  I often get very depressed over this.  No guy has even ever asked me out.  What am I doing wrong? what is wrong with me?  I am afraid that I am starting to become bitter.  I hate valentine's day with an absolute passion.  I feel awkward and jealous when I see a couple holding hands or kissing.  I don't want to feel jealous or bitter anymore.  I want to love someone and have someone at least try to love me.  

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I think that you should give it a chance. I think you can have good relationships, but the take some time and effort no doubt. good luck.

I can only make suggestions. Be conscious of a fellow making small talk with you, and try to turn it into a conversation. Show you have an interest in him. Maybe then he will ask you out.<br />
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Be on the lookout for a fellow who looks at you. This could prompt him to react.<br />
<br />
Indicate to people you know you are interested in meeting up with someone. Maybe they could fix you up.<br />
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Get interested in activities; learn about the world. Don't do this in the hopes of geeting dates, but it will give you things to talk about. Maybe make you a more interesting person. <br />
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Best of luck, and remember 90 to 95 precent of people do eventually do get married. The census www. census.gov has statistics. If you consider the people who truly do want to get married, it is practically everyone who does. Best of luck.

Girls send me a message if you want to chat on msn cause this conversation will take a while

me too.I'm 19 years old girl.I have never been in relationship or being told by someone that they like me.Why??

This is a very big topic. Maybe you've been unlucky or you are doing something foundamentally wrong. If you want to analyse it send me a message and we will get to the bottom of it.