I Have To Overcome This As Of Today

I never had gotten my first kiss, and that's got to end. Now, because I pressure my dad every night, he expects me to go out there and get it the very next day. I haven't slept, so I just need to go out there, and get it. I shouldn't let nothing stop me, nothing at all. I just need to go with a solid approach at the grocery store, or something. Just something solid. I want to pick the girl that available to me. Don't like her so faraway. I want my girl in a distance. The worse thing about it, sometimes, I get really sleepy, because I had a hard time sleeping the previous night, and I have Eczema. Which is like a horrible plague in a very bad way.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

Because I whine to him about it. I do whine a lot. That is because to this day, I have not read one story about another male, not getting his first kiss from a girl, unless he's gay, and that will never happen for him, because he wanted to be gay. The most I have saw, was from a girl and she was only 20. So that don't help me at all. I need to see 25 and older, preferably a male that is 25 years old, and never had a first kiss. I have went into a deep dimension with this. Now I am feeling very sleepy, and I want to go outside, and in the cold, to the store. I need to wash my face, and wash the sleep off. Because all I am going to do is get right back in the bed, then toss and turn the whole night.