I'm An Old Guy And It's Hard To Believe

I have read your sad stories.  Sad stories about not having been in a relationship.  I am an old guy, and it's hard for me to believe.  Were things like this in the old days, fifty years ago, when I was a teenager?  I don't know.  We had no internet then, no places like EP to make our voices heard.  I suppose that, back in those days, if you didn't have a relationship you cried in your pillow.  Me, I always had a relationship.  From 14 on.  Always.  Sometimes too many.  And I wasn't always going for star queens.  I had lots of relationships with girls with great personalities but didn't look like movie stars.  Even back in those days we knew how to value personality.  Why is it that there are so many of you young folk, particularly young ladies, who don't have relationships?  It's shocking to me.  Of course, it's always possible that things were exactly the same in my day, and I just didn't see it.  But back then everyone had a date on Saturday night, or seemed to.  I went out with all kinds of girls, even girls who liked girls, just because their point of view was so different and interesting.  II liked listening to what they had to say.   Isn't it like that now?  Or is it different?  I STILL like llistening to what everyone has to say.  I'm sorry.  I just don't understand.  There's about an equal number of girls and boys.  Why can't people find partners?  Back then, I thought we did.  Is this something new or not?         

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

I don't think young people just date anymore. They're looking for relationships and if there isn't the chance of something permanent, they would rather stay home than go out with them.Dating used to be great, just going out to different places with different people. Doesn't seem to happen anymore like that.

Could well be, Mudd000, could well be.

I think it has always been this way. You are never exposed to the people who stay indoors most of the time so you would have no reason to believe they even exist.

Well, emrldpeeps, most of the stories in this group are from young people COMPLAINING about not having a relationship. They all sound as if they'd very much like one, right now. The people who are putting off marriage and families don't seem to be represented in this group. Read ten or twelve of the stories. You'll see.