Too Young They'd Say

Nope. Never been in a relationship. Sure, I've had crushes on other girls. Or see other cute girls out there. But, i have never done anything about them. Im not the kind of guy to just walk up to some one, and start a conversation. I wish i could though.

The one time i did do something about it, i was basically heart broken over it. You know how it goes; guy likes girl, girl doesnt, guy feels like ****. Not a fun feeling.

I guess, the reason i never said anything to girls i liked, was because im afraid of what they would say.

Would they think I'm creepy? Find me weird? Look bad? Dont match what they want? What if i complimented them, and they thought i was a stalker? Obsessive?

I get a little jealous of people who have some one. Even more so if its cousins or Best-friends. Makes you want to re-do you life in a sense.

I think, in my mind, i know what I want to come out of a relationship. But, i wouldnt be able to engage my feelings.

I guess, what I really want from a relationship is this or more:
Someone to spend time with. Someone you can talk to all night. Someone you can fall asleep with every night. Someone you can make smile. Someone you can see a future with. Someone you can cry in front of. Be a shoulder to cry on. Be a comfort zone. Someone you could just do anything with, like driving all night, talking or just listening to music.
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Lol, Thanks.<br />
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I guess we can at least hope through it all. =)

i am sure some girl will come in and be blown away by you! its just a matter of time, i have to tell myself that on a daily basis! if you ever want to talk message me! :)

@ hanging tree: ur right..... it really does suck when u see every one o ur closest friends wid that special someone...... it feels really lonely when ur in the boarding and all ur friends r wid their respective girlfriends............. and all u can do is wonder just why ur so unlucky..... what is it ur doin wrong..... and i really dont think its jealousy cause jealousy, to me atleast, is when u wish ill on those how have girls...... i'd say its just a longing 4 something that is so wonderful..... something that just makes u feel that ur life finally has meaning....

i think you need to take a risk

Its not just the ones that are mean to their GF's. Its the ones in a relationship in general. I mean, its to want something you know you wont get for a long time, just to see people walk up and down your life with some one.<br />
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I didn't hear from my best friend "not lovable" It was more like "I like him... not you.." But, me and her are still friends. <br />
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I guess Im just one of those guys, who get jealous over stupid things.

hey man..... u know i'm goin through the same damn thing!!!! i can tell ur a nice guy and it sucks when u see the really mean and nasty people havin girlfriends all the time... they dont respect their girl and constantly cheat on them and yet when ever they dump one there always seems to b someone else........ it really really shatters ur heart when this is happenin to a girl u really like which is my case......and on top o that to hear from ur best pal that she things ur "not lovable".... if u read my story u'll know exactly what i mean...