...I have never been in love before. I have never dated anyone or been in a relationship.
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5 Responses Apr 16, 2010

I have never fallen or been in love/dated etc, but it will happen you just need to enjoy life, the more fun you have, the more your confidence will show! Its strange how destiny is planned for each and every one of us, What ever you do, dont give up!!!!!

Relationships are complicated. I have never been in love with someone because it takes 2 love. That was just something no one ever felt towards me so I know whats it like..

Well you are young..and I honestly think its good that you are the age you are..I think kids fall in love too early these days and get married too early and well the divorce rates are so take your time, date a lot of different guys before you pick the right one..someone that you can trust..get to know them and if you can form a friendship first before jumping into the romance..that way you will find out just how much he really cares about YOU as a person..not you as a sex partner..because sex and love are very different..and find someone that you can trust, respect, have open/honest communication with and allow a relationship to grow..find out if they have a good heart and good soul and see if they geniunely care about YOU as a person and treat you with respect.. Don't ever settle for less..Good luck to you and remember to be true to you!

Me neither, it'l come - i hope

Hello again!!! Why?