I'm So Scared To Be In Love

For along time now, love has not been tracking me down. I always wanted to love. buts its quite difficult to know what to do when i've never been down that path before. I've had a bunch of attractions and crushes, which all ended is utter failure, but it doesn't seem like anyone is looking at me that way. I'm starting to beleive that its just that people, females in particular don't love me, not by choice anyways. At my age 32, many of my friends and family have gotten married and have had kids. Some are struggling but somehow they all seem to flourish. I can't say that I've had any meaningful relationships with any females for many years. It's frightening to be someone elses soul mate but sometimes I feel like the only thing I'm missing in my pretty good life is a good woman that loves me. I just try to be myself, which is so many things and not so many things. Lately I'm feeling that being ME is just miserable, and I may just end up that way for a long time to come.
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I would be lying if i said i have never been in love, I have.....but being honest i have never felt that mutual feeling of belonging, being wanted, being needed, being loved......I was always to busy giving, than receiving,...<br />
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I have never been in love long enough, to know, or feel, what it is all about,