19 And Never Had A Relationship

I have never had any kind of romanic relationship, i never felt love and never loved anyone romantically. Its nice reading about love in stories because stories always have that happy ending right? But, then i see the girls from my old high school that were so in love with their boyfriends and they get pregnant, then they man leaves them and wants nothing to do with their child's mother. Or my parents, my father only married my mother because us kids started to ask questions. He never loved her and had her believing he did for nine years. I fear of falling out of love or being lead to believe someone's lies. i for now, feels better being alone then getting hurt.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

I agree..."Feels better being alone than getting getting hurt"

I'm pretty much in the same situation as you. I'm 19, no relationship experience, non first kiss, etc. But I'm watching my friends and they're going through so much relationship drama and ridiculousness it makes me kind of happy, but I also get afraid that I'll never experience a great relationship. I guess all we can do is wait for the right guy. At least once we get into a relationship with someone great we'll know what or what not to do to avoid those problems other people go through.