35 And Never Been In Love

I'm 35 and have never been in love before. I have never been asked out for a date by a guy either.
I grew up in a very conservative family. There were no hugging, no kissing and I have never seen my parents showed affection to each other. I find it difficult to understand love between people. All that I know came from books and movies. It makes me like a reject. I'm plain and poor, and with a very poor gasp of social skills I doubt I will ever find or understand love in this lifetime. The consolation is that I'm contributing to lowering human population on the frighteningly overpopulated earth. *laugh*

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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I like your post. It shows positivism, and that's what I try to keep in my life too. I hope my post will be something you can identify with. If not, just ignore it. (smiling).

I've been asked out on plenty of dates (enough for me, anyway. I do something funny and all the guys jump on me at once it seems. Then it takes a few years before I forget the experience enough to say something funny again.) However, I too grew up in a very conservative family. I think I saw my parents kiss quickly on the lips only a couple times in my life, and that was just a "peck" both times. (I'm 34. My dad died this year. My mom sure showed her love for him in his last days, though. He was so sick he couldn't raise his head without feeling dizzy.)

Like you, I find it difficult to understand love between people too. I don't feel like a reject, but I do wonder about this "attraction" thing. It has always been a beautiful mystery to me---(very ethereal and my understanding of it seems a fantasy in itself.) I see these blatant "asexual" things on the internet and I think---Uh, that's not me! I'm not against physical attraction. I just don't have it and I don't know why. I had my hormones tested a few years ago and I'm normal (so said the test, anyway.)

I wonder what you think about this. I really liked your joke at the end of your post about "lowering the human population." The reason it resonated with me is because I'm studying genetics, which brings up the same fact: I'm pretty much dead from a genetics standpoint. (*Laughing)