What Does It Feels?

i always curious about everything around me and more curious about love life. yeah, like this group name, i have never been in love. is having a crush consider as have been in love? let it be. i always wanted to know what it feels to love and be loved. my friends said it is the most beautiful thing. i had faced a few experienced of people confessing their love to me, but, i said no to them. i hated each and every people who confessed to me about their feelings and i still couldn't figure out the reason why. i just wanted to know the feelings.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

It feels differently at different ages and stages in life. Also depends on experiences. I have been in love. Many times. And truly in love, just some surface bullshit. It sometimes feels like obsession really. Not even love. Like everything about the other person is perfect and whatever is not perfect is not significant to you. You forgive them for anything. Your heart skips a beat when they call, text you. You don't care if they are shaved or not, wear nice clothes or not, sick or not, bad breath in the morning...coz even when they are not looking their best they still somehow great in your eyes....And you think about them pretty much 24/7, if they are upset it hurts you as if whatever they are going through you are going through as well. But like I said this is more like an obsession and many people (me included) often consider that "love". But that "passion" usually fades out. Sometimes after a week, a months, a year, 5... but it does. And some people still think that the other person is great but more often all of a sudden whatever was insignificant before is all of a sudden significant and people are not "blinded" any more and often **** hits the fan. That is one description. Then add to this age, bad experiences (i.e. cheating BF or GF, abusive relationships, putting someone down constantly) so we have brokenhearted people. For those the "passion" sometimes is not "love" any more. They are scared to believe those kind of feelings and they look for something deeper. Like: i like to spend time with this person more than with others, we are sexually compatible, we seem to have generally similar views on important things (i.e. wanting or not wanting children, religion, politics if smb is very much into it), also they pay attention to how the other person handles conflicts and little corks (those who can handle conflicts well and go to bed not being frustrated as hell usually have better realtionships). With time and after being heartbroken many times, some people realize that "love" ,in fact is having something ore solid than rainbows and unicorns in your chest when you see the other person across the room. They look under the surface and assess if they will be hurt or if the other person would never hurt them, but would treat them right, crespect them, and put their needs first (when both people do that its LOVE). And most importantly they LOVE doing those things for the other and it brings you satisfaction to make the other peson smile. And yes the difference is that this kind of love is friendship with being sexually attracted to the other person too.

I have felt it all. ANd I have been on the other end meaning not being loved back and it HURTS bad. It feels like you are dying. I dont know how else to describe it

thanks soo much for the feedback