I am almost 23 and still haven't had a serious relationship! I guess I want to be in love but have no idea what it is like. I've dated a ton, so it's not because I haven't met good guys. This makes me think that the problem isn't entirely attributable to the guys I've met.... darn. i guess some of the issue is coming from me. Don't know if I'd call it a problem per se, but I guess love sounds cool and  I wouldn't mind trying it out. Plus I realize there's a lot of learning to be done in a relationship and I ought to start soon if I want to get married in the next several (ok, maybe like 10!) years.

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done mean to discourage you but im 28 and still waiting... Maybe we're just late bloomers or something.

What were the 'issues' that caused the end of the relationships thus far? ... just curious ...<br />
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As the Dodo so poignantly pointed out; it seems there are 'things' that have to fall into place. Timing is everything and perhaps your timing hasn't been appropriate yet. You're still quite young and you have PLENTY of time to do the marriage (and family if you please) thing.<br />
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What I've found in each of my relationships it seems is they've served to further my emotional and relationship education - like levels. You have to go through each level, experiencing and healing from all the variables before you're finally READY. It's somewhat like school and the degrees that come along with each graduation. <br />
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Some of us don't have to go through this but some of us are destined to. The only thing I can promise is; once you find the *ONE* whether you have to grow in degrees or he/she falls into your lap and it's a hit immediately ... it's worth it all!

I don't *really* know what I'm talking about, but I've noticed that some people take a long time to reach a stage where they are ready to love? Well, I did at any rate. It's as if enough things have to fall into place, and one is able to see the world, and other people in a certain way in order to step beyond simple infatuation and so forth. I guess we all find our own ways there eventually :) Maybe part of it is that you hold yourself very tightly, and keep everything on a tight leash. Love certainly needs space to grow, I think?