Bad Luck I Guess

I dated for 15 years before I got married, I went out with dozens of women over the years but never fell in love. I wanted to and I always expected it would happen but it didn't. Many of the women I dated turned out to be good buddies after the break ups but it never was more than that.

Once I got into my late 30's I began to realize it wasn't going to happen so I married one of those good buddies. We still are buddies but that's it. We are basically platonic room mates and have been since the beginning.

Now I do fall in lust almost every day, every time I see someone I'm attracted to. And I have to admit that for most of my single life that was enough. Good sex was never a problem back then, but I just never met anyone I wanted to spend a lot of time with. I guess I get bored easily or maybe it is all just bad luck.

Whatever the reason I have pretty much reconciled myself to the fact that it's not in the cards for me. Mind you, I do hold faint hope that one day she'll walk into my life and I'll fall head over heels and from what I understand, it's pretty cool when it happens.


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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Ginai, what happened? Being in love is way cool. It has happened to me a couple of times and while it makes u a bit of an idiot for a time it's also a great experience. Go on and try it!

nope, nope, love sux, and it stinks! sounds like to me you have had a good go at life till now, love aint nuffin but trouble!