Well not really. Though i never cared either. I have always wondered what was so great about it. Maybe it's because i have never met the right person that i don't understand what it is all about, or maybe its because i never experienced it. It could also be that i am very guarded as well.

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but why the whooooo? what is so great about a kiss?

Ive Kissed People But It Was Mostly Dares And The Guys ive been with i Wouldnt Die For..<br />
I Had One Nice Kiss Tho And Wierdly With My Childhood Friend Who WAS A Boy I Hadnt Seen Him In Years And I Met Him At My Friends,Friends Party I Was Like Omg Member Me And He Did He Was Like The Only Person I Got Along With All Night Then He Kissed Me <br />
I Was Like Whooooooo!<br />


I looooooooove kissing, even more than shoes!

What makes them to die for?

Hmm . slobby bad breath kisses arent too nice <br />
<br />
But some kisses are to die for ..