I Feel Rather Silly

I know I'm only sixteen years of age, and I still have years ahead of me to experience my first kiss, but I have no one in real life that I can relate to on this subject.  Everyone that I have ever felt comfortable enough to share this with has made fun of me.  I feel sort of like an outsider, and I have an irrational fear of my first kiss, because I know I'll be a horrible kisser when the time finally comes.
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As of right now I am only sixteen as well and have never been kissed. I also believe, because of where I live and the standards I set (like they have to not do drugs or smoke or swear and have to at least be open to the concept of God), that I will not be kissed until at least university. I hope that other people out ther eare luckier than me and at least can find prospective guys/girls, even if they can't kiss them.

My first kiss was just about a year ago, at age 14. So I'm not that far "ahead" of you. Honestly I thought noses would get in the way but they don't. When the time is right just aim for the lips and you'll be fine. And put some emotion into it! One of my exes is super logical and his kissing was boring. The key to being a good kisser is simply in being dramatic and emotional about it. Trust me it's not a big deal. <br />
I went from being inexperienced to sounding oh-so-experienced in a manner of minutes. <br />
So just relax. Kissing just so you can say you've done it is sad. I waited for a person I truly liked, just because I'm not capable of kissing someone I don't like. I mean if it's me and my friends, we're all close and we'll do the kiss-on-each-cheek thing once in a while just for the fun of it =D I do this to my guy friends and it confuses them for some reason. They think because I greeted them the French way that I like them more than a friend. Roll of the eyes =D <br />
You'll get there eventually, for now stop making the connection between age, kissing, and maturity. Anybody can love at anytime. Perhaps you have not found someone yet so keep busy with your other life.<br />
Because as soon as I kissed I realized I was ten times more experienced than most of the people I know, whom before I thought were so "experienced". Sometimes it is not as it seems, my friend =)

hey don't worrie about it i know how u feel cause im 15 and none of my relation have gave me a first kiss