26, Beautiful, Kiss-less :)

And here I thought it was unheard-of to reach 26 years of age without knowing what a kiss feels like! Silly me. :) So yes, me too! I've never been kissed, never held hands, never been on a date, never had a guy show any interest in me, never, ever, ever and the list goes on. You name it, I haven't done it. Crazy. :D
Well, it was my own fault until recently. I was a pretty chubby girl for most of my life. If you're overweight, naturally people don't notice or pursue you. Well, in time I decided I was sick of that, and I've taken charge of my life and changed my body. I was just plain sick of not registering as "female" in guys' eyes. (So if I sound a little overconfident about my looks - well for one, I'm not, because I'm awfully pretty, and for another, I worked HARD for this, so it's allowed.) ;D
Strangely, it seems to have made little difference so far. Not that I go out a ton (I'm pretty busy with this thing called adult life, haha) but it's just strange that I still haven't gotten even a glimmer of interest. Bizarre. But then again, it seems like every time a guy my age catches my eye, the next thing I notice is the gold ring on his finger. Crap, shouldn't have waited until I was surrounded by married people.
I don't regret in the least that I didn't have a first kiss experience as a teenager though. I'd rather be the oddly-pure 26 year old than have let some horny adolescent male get my first kiss. (To any teenagers reading this - HANG. IN. THERE. You may feel like a freak right now, but that's only because gemstones stand out in a kitty-litterbox.) ;) I do kind of hope this doesn't go on forever though. It gets boring after a while. But I'll be okay.
Actually, I think the best thing is knowing that I look awesome now. Makes it easier to shrug and say, "Oh well. Guys are afflicted with tragic vision impairments. Poor things." Yes, I'm still lonely. Sometimes horribly, unbearably so. Yes, I'd much rather somebody grow a pair and ask me out already. But it's a heck of a lot better now then it was when I felt like I had nothing to offer. (If you're overweight, by the way - YOU CAN DO IT. It doesn't matter how many times you fail. I failed a thousand diets before this. What matters is that you try again. Believe that it IS worth it, because it so is. Do it for the poor, unfortunate, chronically-blind people who can't see what a gem you are right now.) :)
As a parting note...I sure hope my first kiss, whenever it happens, is awesome. I hope it freakin knocks my socks off. Because if I waited this long and the whole thing turns out to be some hyped-up lie that's not actually interesting or fun at all, I'm gonna tell someone off. (Just kidding.) ;)
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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I think not having been kissed for me is a blessing because I now respect myself as a gem among the rubble especially when it comes to guys. I wouldn't just kiss anyone for the heck of it. Any guy who i'm going to kiss has got to be worth it, otherwise they can keep walking!. Shybbw, I agree getting intimate scares me too, my first reaction would be to want to run away but I guess that intimacy is something that would happen naturally with a guy who is patient and understanding.

Well I'm 27 and never been kissed, so you're not the only one. I've had a few opportunities but I'm just terrified of having any sort of real intimacy with anyone so I let the opportunities pass on by.

I like your writing style lady1984. I'm 40 and although I have been on an actual (but rare) date, I haven't been kissed either. And congrats on the weight loss. I've lost 25, have another 50 to go. Best thing to do is keep improving yourself. Learn to play guitar.. learn a new language... become a chef. Also, take advantage of your singleness and travel. I can play guitar now and I'm ready to swoon my first love (wherever she is..)

I'm not sure most people's first kiss is all that great.<br />
<br />
mine was alright but the better ones came later