32 Years Old...

I'm 32. It's hard for me to believe that I am 32... I don't know where the time went. And I don't really know why I haven't been kissed. The opportunity has just never come along really. I tend to surround myself with people who are already attached or have no interest in me. Perhaps I am afraid of what would happen if I did fall in love? Who knows. I usually don't even consider the fact that I haven't been kissed - which is why it is always such a surprise when I do think about it. I don't know that I had really considered the matter since turning 30. Over 30 and never kissed. I didn't see that one coming. =)
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Hey I'm a 30 year old guy that's has not been kissed, because since high school and even now at 30 females I crush on always turn me down for the next guy. They could look like homer j simpson and be lazy and sometimes don't work, and they be proud to be with them. But me going to college, working jobs, and got goals to be a cartoonist and screenplay writer ain't enough. I got to have jay z cash, and look like body builder just to get a date or a number. Females who have turned me down are so proud of they guys they with now, like they could do no wrong, but treated me like I wasn't good enough, maybe I'll get lucky one day.

it means you're probably ugly and bad with surrounding yourself with people who value you.

Thank you so much for this post. I'm 31. I'm a doctor and am senior in my chosen specialty. I'm not perfect, but I haven't really dated, and don't like the idea though I have lots of female friends. Never been kissed. Have held hands just a few times. Blurred the boundaries emotionally between a few friends who are girls occasionally through my life. I find friendship more "real" than relationship. I like the idea of acting like I'm already married and just waiting to unite with the "one". It always felt like the right thing to do but occasionally you look around, realise you are standing alone and ask yourself whether it is worth it. Noone really agrees about these ideas with me so I'm left alone. I guess now I realise I do have to change. With your post it reaffirms why we have these values. Thank you! :)

I finally feel not so alone in my situation. I just turned 33 myself, I've never been on so much as a date, or had a kiss. Of course, my reasoning was a bit different. I'm trans, and just finally coming into my own. I hope that life changes romantically for the better in my future, pragmatically I assume it will not.

It's ironic how the biggest stress in my life now, in the middle of transition, what causes me the most hurt and strife.... is that I've got nobody. I just never felt attracted to people in that way, except one brief time, and then again just recently. I'm not sure I ever will again.... I need to find comfort in that somehow. I won't be with someone to just 'not' be alone.

Hi everyone. I'm 35 now, but I didn't start dating until I was 30. I know how some of u guys feel; that feeling of hopelessness. For me, it was the fear of embarrassment of being age 30 and never being on a date that really affected me the most. And I realize that it will only get harder the older I get to get this monkey off my back. So I pretty much just accepted the idea of "crashing and burning". By this, I mean, I have made up my mind that I don't care if I get embarrassed or make a fool of myself in the process of asking out a girl or going on that first ever date. I will just go for it regardless if I fail miserably. I just wanted that monkey off my back. And after that first date, I felt so free and good about myself. I may not have been a smooth Casanova, but with more dates, my confidence grew, and dating became a normal thing to me. Remember, u live only once, don't let fear or embarrassment get in the way of u having a full social life.

You know what everyone here needs to do, is to take a chance, life is all about taking risks, you will never know what could have happened if you never made a move, what's the worst that could happen, you get rejected? Well, suck it up and move on, there's someone out there in the world for EVERYONE! YOU JUST GOTTA GET UP OFF THAT CHAIR AND GO FIND THEM!!!

It's not always that easy. Some probably think it's never going to happen even if the DID GET UP OFF THAT CHAIR AND GO FIND THEM. The last thing anyone wants to experience is finding out that the person they've been crushing on doesn't crush back. I'm fine with never feeling that emotion even if it means never finding My "one and only". I'll take feeling alone over feeling rejected anyday and twice on Sunday.

thanks everyone i though i was the only one like that in this world. im 32 years old and ive never kissed and neither ive been in a relationship.. yes ive been on dates in the past... i know i want it to happen with the one im going to get married to not just with anyone

Try dating websites! Ur of the age to join! And if u ever land a date or at least r under a moonlit romantic moment, let the guy kiss u and don't dodge it out of fear!!!! Even if he isn't as hunky as Hercules. And if u do meet a guy u like and is single, and r under a moonlit moment then go ahead and strongly hint u want him by touching his shoulders, get close, talk about how pretty the moon is. Maybe pretend to b cold and hold his arm... Good luck!

Glad to know I'm not the only one out there, 23 i'll be 24 next year, still virgin, never been kissed and never been on anything remotely resembling a date, Part of me though thinks I might be asexual and i'm ok with that, I'm use to the solitude.

Were the same age :)

And what do you think if we turn the tables? I am 28 and had my first and only kiss with a girl at the age of 27. She must have been really experienced with that as she really led all the way through and surprisingly enough I have got into it very quickly and it turned out to be an excellent making out. I guess the experience was so enjoyable that it paradoxically backfired and prevented me from calmly going into a relationship with her. She was 21 - with three times having been blown off by her boyfriends in the past, so quite a burden of negative relationship experience - and admitted thinking of a relationship with me, however I have simply acted too clingy and too insecure afterwards, which eventually made her blow me off... What would you think of my situation? Both those of you, girls, who are experienced in kissing/sex/relationships and those who admitted not having been kissed before? Would you think there is something dreadfully wrong with me? Would it be attractive for you to have your first relationship experience with me? Cause after the experience I have just described I guess it may have been easier for me to establish any kind of relationship bond with a girl who has not experienced a kiss before, that would create the 'first time'-based bond for us. And, guys, any of you had a similar story? I would be grateful for any insight you may have on this.

I'll turning 30 years in two years and never been kissed. I'm okay with that. In my case, I don't feel like of dating or touch a man, I don't know why I'm this way, so I'm... I always thought that I was alone and lost, but I'm glad that I found this web site and realized that I am not.

Well i'm 37 and I never been kissed or did anything with anyone. But I do like this one guy but he is only 32% interested in me lol talk about a major let down. But I feel you!

I am 34, female, and I have never been kissed. I always had low self esteem from being over weight, moving around much of my childhood, and not really knowing that many people my age (save for family). In my 20s, I would dream about it, but it didn't fill my thoughts like it does now. When I hit 30, it began to sting a bit more. Now I'm 34, and I feel like I have no chance. I don't mind being single because it is not complicated. I don't even mind never being in a relationship, I don't even care if I never get married. I just want to know what it is like to just once fall in love, date, or have a kiss.

I'm 30 and never been kissed. I feel like a failure at life! All I ever wanted was to have a big family, now I'm planning for a future alone.

There are also men out there who have not been kissed either. I am one of them, 28 years old. I am a shy person but not painfully shy. I live in the US, but came from another place. I hope I can find a woman one day who is like me never been kissed and virgin. It's so nice when i read these posts and find that there are women who want to wait for the real person to kiss and have sex and family with because that shows purity.

I'm turning 30 in november and haven't been kissed also. It really bothers me. Don't even want to star thinking why I got to this point, I don't know if I never had the chance, or if I ran from the chances I could've had for being extremely shy, whatever, here I am. It's really nice to see I'm not alone. I trully believe that 'everything happens for a reason', lots of things happened in my life to make me believe in that, but I'm trying really hard to find a good reason why I didn't have my chance in love so far.

Hello there. I am 19 male. My name is Aakash Trivedi. I live in California. I know it's far but I was wondering if I could give you my number? WE could just talk about anything lol. I can give compliments and try to make you laugh if you are feeling down? 1 408 772 8919. You are very beautiful and it would be fun to talk with. Text or call me? Just make sure you tell me who you are lol. Just trying to be friendly and to show that we love you :) kisses.<br />
<br />
P.S. I haven't kissed a girl :P

I'm 32, male and also never kissed but I have a strong reason for this: depression. Sincerely, since childhood I've never had desirability to live, that thing that push people to take action in their lives. It's very strange but since I'm this world I can't feel what others feel and others can't feel what I feel. It's hard to explain, but the doctor explained me a lot of things about my brain and I take some rivotril pills.. and that's it.

See a shrink, work out, hit on women and that's all u need. Girls r too afraid to pounce on men. However, girls LOVE when a boy/man/creature makes it obvious he has feelings for her. And even if she says no, believe me she'll only say that if in public. If in private her true feelings will show. And by pounce I mean verbally saying she looks good. Maybe taking her hand but no body rubbing or anything sexual dude

I'm in the same boat. I'm turning 32, and thinking about it still surprises me that I've got this far. My doctor is worried about me having babies late. Maybe I'm not meant to give birth. *shrugs* I've felt that perhaps I've been too picky then to too busy then to just too lazy. I try not to worry much since family/friends do that for me. I'm trying to keep an open mind and at the same time continue living life. I am not the type that find it easy to kiss just anybody even for the fun of it. I guess I'm more of an emotional person. I guess I want to let people know who are in the same boat that you are not alone, that things happen for a reason and I believe things will fall into place. For those outside the boat, please don't be quick to judge and don't be weirded out. Lol

I'm 36 and never touched a man! I've tried. I've gone to clubs and even done a dating site. I work out, take care of my body, have good hygiene and I'm of average looks but no man....and i mean NONE, has ever given me the time of day.Right now I'd be nice to just have a guy friend. What's wrong with us? I'm going to grow old alone, sad! I have not a chance in hell!

I think we should all get together and form our own dating site, lol!

I think you're on to something lol! The virgin club. Smh so happy that i'm not alone. I thought I was the only one!

I'm with you all. 23...and never been kissed. Thanks for everyone who shared their stories here, it makes me feel better to not be alone.

I'm slightly younger than you but at 25, I've also never been kissed/kissed anyone.

I'm a Seattle ba<x>sed casting director that is looking for individuals who have been waiting for that right person their whole lives, but it just hasn't happened. This pilot is a concept PSG Films is currently trying to cast for a major network. All of our couples and individuals are virgins, most of them for different reasons. We are looking for very open individuals or couples, willing to share their experiences and speak candidly about their relationships. The pilot has been bought by a network and we're hurrying to find the right people for the documentary. Our production company is an established company with the #1 rated series on National Geographic Channel. Please contact me if you are interested, we think it's time to document something that isn't featured on current networks! Hope to hear from you soon.<br />
<br />
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I am 33, and sometimes I think I want to be kissed or kiss someone.

You're not alone - I'm 31 :)

I'm 40 and never been kissed. I can understand being afraid and the fear of the unknown part. I think it's one reason why I turn the other way when I have a chance with someone. As tough and cliche sounding as it is, we do have to keep trying.

Good to see i'm not alone! but i'm no where near 30. Im actually about to be 16 and here i was thinking i was getting to be an old hag! Honestly i know it'll happen for you one day. People like us...we just take longer to...ummm...get comfortable w/someone. intimacy is pretty sacred in my oppinion and shouldn't be treated like a game. So keep hope alive yall!!!!!!! peace and love.

Im berthilda and I'm 46. It was hard for a girl like me to find someone. You see i was born with a third nipple on my face and its not the most attractive feature for boys to see. I started self harm and it eventually lead to my left ear being cut off (accidently of course). What boy would want to go out with a girl with a nipple on their face ? let alone a one eared girl called berthilda huffle. I was teased in secondary school for the amount of hair on my upper left lip. My moustashe wasnt the problem, it was the amount of hair increased on one side more than the other. I remember this one boy. Barry. He was a nice young lad who wanted to take me to prom. Little did I know that when we showed up in his beaming car i was attacked with watermelons by Barry's friends. I rang my dad pleading to him to bring me home. That was the night i got.. the frying pan.:eek: I was abused as a child. Every night after the night of the prom my father used to hit me on the face with a frying pan. My face became deformed and I was known as 'the thing':eek3: ( It also didnt help that i have Heterochromia, one eye is a different colour than the other). My next date was Darwin. Darwin was like me, he was a soldier back from the Arizona war. He had a lot of missing limbs. Inncluding, his two legs and arm. I used to call him the Hook. One night we went out to dinner and it was grand. As Darwin leaned over to kiss me, his hook caught onto my cheek and left a remarkable scar. Oh no. Then i met my sister Sarah louise. She was my twin. :woo: She dealt her anger out on.. eating. She was 48stone when she died at the age of 4. I decided to change after knowing about my over weight baby sister. Now im a new girl, I received a new ear from a donar. A lot of plastic surgery did the trick, decreasing the size of my third nipple. I waxed of my moustashe and now all the fellas wanna take a ride with Berthilda. Hope this cheers you up :):)

I'm 34 and have never been kissed. Have never even been close, physically, to it happening. And while a few women have said that they would, when it gets to actually doing it, then definatly nobody has ever really tried. Words are one thing. Actions seem to show the real person I guess ... <br />
I suppose like you though, I never thought I'd get to 34 and still haven't had my first kiss. For a long time, I used to believe that old chestnut .. there is someone for everyone .. even to have your first kiss with, but, I guess experience has shown that there isn't. What makes it hurt more though, is seeing so many people who can, and so many who treat it like just another activity .. almost like a hobby .. but knowing that they then see me, and ...