A Guy Who For Some Reason Or Another Has Never Kissed a Girl

I'm a 16 year old guy who's never been kissed before. I'm not depressed and I'm not a loner, infact quite the opposite. I am fairly popular in my highschool and I'm in many of the social circles or "cliques". I've been given different nicknames by the different groups, and I seem to get along well with almost anyone. I seem to make a good impression and get along well with people because I'm a joker, I'm confident and creative, I don't judge others, and I like to help people and do good. I've never been in a relationship before, but I have had a few strong crushes on girls over the years. I've been to wild parties before (although I never drink or do drugs), and I have been around lots of girls. I message some of them over facebook and chat. Despite all of that, when it really comes down to it and I'm by myself in my house, I feel like nobody will ever be anything beyond my friend. It's like I'm doomed to a popular existence of many friendly acquaintances who enjoy my company in groups, but have no other interest in me. The lack of closeness and connection with someone special preys on me when I'm alone. It makes me feel blue. I wish there was some girl who would like me as much as I'd like her and we could kiss eachother often.
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I would imagine there might well be quite a few girls out there with great big crushes on you. And they're all far too shy to ever do anything about it. I don't say that as some sort of attempt to cheer you up or other nonsense. Just that it's well known that young men like yourself are *exactly* the sort of guy that people develop secret, silent crushes on.<br><br><br />
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Really though, that's almost by the by. The real thing that I think erodes peace of mind is the lack of emotional intimacy, regardless of its context. Perhaps you could work on trying to deepen your connections with one or two people though, given that people seem to evaporate after highschool...

I feel the same way. Often in fact. Though I have been kissed before, its not that great. I think you might be putting up a front in front of your friends; like me. Just try and let down the act a little. If that doesn't work; then the right person hasn't come around yet. But until then, just chill. No worries, someone will come along sooner or later.

Theres probably no one right for you. No one good enough to click with you. I use to feel the same way but I was told that if you're a good person like how you mention you are then you're wise. And maybe only a wise and good natured woman can really match up to you. See you're not the problem...only the girls that are around you are. They can't see pass the facade of who you are or they just can't relate and begin to appreciate.<br />
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Don't rush into things, you've made right decision not to succumb to drug use and drinkin'. Maybe the right place to meet the right person wouldn't be at a party since you are different...one day someone just RIGHT will come your way and you'll understand.