Should I Tell Girls That I've Never Kissed A Woman?

              I'm 27yrs old and want a girlfriend so much. Cuddling is the extent of my sexual experience and that was ten yrs ago and haven't hugged a girl outside my family in well over a year.A womans touch is so comforting to me. I really want to start dating but I don't know how i should approach the whole never been kissed dilemma. Can anyone (prefferably women) tell me if i should, tell my date that i've never been kissed before? I'm expecting a response along the lines of "don't try to force it" and "the moment will present itself," but will I know when it's the right moment? I have tried to kissed girls when i thought it was the right moment but, i was rejected everytime. PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS, I dont know how much longer i can stand this.
TiredOonnee TiredOonnee
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3 Responses Mar 9, 2011

u're a 27 y.o. guy. Plz don't tell the girls that you've never been kissed. It's cute to be an inexperienced girl but for a guy, it simply shouts out loser. I once dumped a guy because he told me he's 23 and a virgin, even though I was virgin myself. It's definitely not a winning point for a guy. Find a girl, ask her out, kiss her. When you guys become an item, you may tell her that she's your first and she would be filled with surprises and love. But don't tell her earlier :)

I think that you should wait until you are dating someone and then you can be more sure that they want to be kissed. Just a thought, but I dont know since I have never been kissed either:)

well let me tell u im 14 and have been kissed by someone at the wrong moment and it is very hard to tell .. but one of the best times to kiss a girl is when you take her home after a date and walk her to her door .. well thats what most girls think and expect