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i am 15 and have never kissed a guy all of my friends have and i am not the pretty girl out of my group of friends i am 115 pounds and really pale 5"5 in highschool if you never kissed anyone it makes me feel like a loser ... am i weird ?
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im here now;)

Just turned nineteen and never been kissed. It's not a big deal really. :)

no u r not a looser. am like 18 a gal , and i havent kissed a guy yet, and am willing to wait till my wedding day , also am waiting till marriage to have sex with my dont worry u aint the only gal.congrats 4 reaching that age with out getting a kiss.

i'll kiss you if your'e pretty XD

i'm 18 and ive never kissed a boy, and i think i'm a loser. and i hate myself for it ,everyday of my life.

a man who loves u will wait 4 u till u r ready

no i think it's normal . i have a friend like that . she is now 19 and she have never kissed anyone . Many guys have advised her out but she refused ,. she told me that she afraid of the relationship with boys . Wonder she is a lesbian or what??

... i could feel her hot puzzy on my head and felt the pressure of the hymen. I kept pushing and felt it break and then slid my dixx into her puzzy as she moaned and we just held each other. <br />
After a minute of holding each other and letting it sink in of what we just did we started having sex and enjoying the feeling. I think me moreso than her but she said she loved it and it was the best thing ever mixed with intense feeling and pain. We had sex for about 5 minutes before I just wanted to blow up inside her sweet puzzy. Ihstarted going a little faster and faster andsaid "I am going to come in you, ok". To me this was making sure she was on birth control since we werent using a condom. To her this just meant Im going to come.. I started coming in her and it was a huge huge come and lasted forever it seemed, it was total ectasy.<br />
After i came i stayed in her for a few minutes and we just held each others hot sweaty body. It was one of the most emoitional times of sex ive ever had. She was whispering "i cant believe we did that and kissing my neck ears.<br />
We both ended up composing oursleves and going to bed for the night after. The next day we were talking about it and i found out she is not on birth control or anything so we both realized we may have done more than intended. <br />
Since i had come in her one already we decided while she was her this time we would just keep doing it natural and coming in her puzzy since it was the most enjoyable. Everyday we snuck off somewhere or waiting for everyone to go to bed and had the best sex ever! I can't wait until this coming weekend when i offered to takeher a soccer tournament for the weekend. We will have our own Motel room so it will be lots of hottsex for sure!<br />
And two daysago she called and said her period started.

You have neck ears?

... we kept kissing and making out and i slid my hands under her shirt and exposed her perky sexy little breasts. I kept kissing her as i played with her breasts then i started kissing down her neck as she was arching her back and moaning. I got to her breasts and took her nipple in my mouth and played with it with my tongues and drew circles around her nipples with my tongue. The way she was moaning I thought she was going to ****** from this. <br />
I slid my hand doen her boxers and onto her silky panties. I could feel her ***** lump and slid down and felt her wetness and hottness through her panties. She did not ob<x>ject me touching her ***** so i slid the side of her panties over and felt her soaking wet virgin ***** for the first time!<br />
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I started sliding her panties off and she said "umm i dont know im not sure if we can". I just said its okay and took her panties off getting my first view of her sexy virgin ***** complete with hymen intact! <br />
We started kissing again and i alid her on her back and was on her side kissing her and rubbing her wet ***** as she stroked my **** and played with my balls!<br />
I picked up her left leg and placed it across me placing her ***** and my **** inches apart. I could feel her tense up but start moaning even more. I took my **** and touched her soaking ***** smearing the precum all over her **** and *****. <br />
Adeline said "im not sure if we should i want you but im not sure". I said its okay just relax if you stop i will. With that I laid her on her back and was between her legs on top of her with my hard **** at the entrance to her 15 year old virgin ***** ready to pop its hymen and make Adeline a woman.<br />
I started putting it in and would slowly go in a little then out......

A few people wanted more details so here it is..<br />
<br />
The girls name is Adeline. She is 15 and a daughter of a family friend that is more like family. They were staying a week or so at my parents house so i went home knowing Adeline would be there. I had hopes of just getting to see some ******* or a ***** slip at somepoint. The second night Adeline and I stayed up super late together and ended up watching a softcore pron on cinemax..gotta love cinemax.. I think she could see my hard **** through my shorts because it was starting to make a sizeable lump iin my shorts even though i was doing my best to hide it. <br />
She got up and went to her room and came back wearing what I can only describe as short boxer shorts and a white tank top with no bra. Whether this is her normal sleeping clothes or she wanted to tease me I didnot ask. I have seen her wearring those before and could only imagine her lovely smooth ***** and firm breasts behind the thin la<x>yer of clothes.<br />
She sat down next to me a whole lot closer than she was before and "accidentally" set her hand down on my leg and started saying how sexy she thought the show was. She went on to say "you know Ive never even kissed anyone yet". <br />
I pretty much knew she was a virgin but had thought she had probaly atleast made out with someone before. The only thought I had was how badly I wanted to touch my lips to her lips and see how far she would let it go!<br />
My **** was totally hard and I knew she had to know and she had not ob<x>jected yet so I put my hand on her sexy silky smooth leg,just above her knee, and started making fun of the movie and saying "oh I am going to do you until we both pass out". It was aline in the movie and I knew if she ob<x>jected I could play it off as if I was just kidding around about the movie.<br />
To my total surprise and pure enjoyment she said "you have to kiss me first". That was not a line from the movie so i took her as being serious and leaned in and kissed her lips then did it again and again then we were making out and moaning.......

I'm 21 and have never kissed anyone. You're just normal.

No. i had a great experience with a girl a week ago who is 15 and had never kissed anyone before. We kissed and made out for a while then got really into it. If you want all the details i can share but to keep it short she went from never been kissed to having her sexy cherry popped and letting me 'come in her'. It was great!