People Walk All Over Me

People take advantage of me and they always go after the women that I chose. I was on a cruise once and me and my cousin met these girls and I said that I like one of them and he says no he wants her yet he has a girl waiting for him at home. Lets just say he got what he wanted, he has way more experience and he is the happiest ************ ive met. This has happend to me numerous times and I get hurt every time I try to open up and find someone who can make me feel like ive never felt before. You know, looking at someone without having to pretend your not or just being next to them with you feeling thier acceptance. I dont know what to do anymore Ive tried and tried but im giving up.  I forgot to mention im 16. Ive been backstab by my "friends" so many times that  I cant trust anybody. 
jwyourshadow6 jwyourshadow6
May 28, 2011