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Well, 25 years in and not one kiss from a girl. I obviously am not adverse to the idea. However, because of depression, anxiety, and religious convictions (being questioned presently) I never had a gf. I do not know what the experience is like, but apparently, once you have done it, you cannot get enough.
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It's not like a lays chip ;) Kissing is one of those things that only really feels good if you truly care about and like the person. Once you get out there and experience that you'll know what I mean. Easier said than done however. It sounds like you're on the fence questioning a strict religion? Just remember that grass isn't always greener on the other side, just do what feels right in your heart. That goes for everything.

Sometime it is not that important when will you get a kiss but it is how was the kiss make you feel or does it means anything to you that makes the kiss that worthy to want to be kiss. You will.

This kind of makes me feel sad.

No worries... it will happen when it does!'s not about "questioning the ills of my life." I wrote this because I am at a crossroads of new meaning vis-a-vis old beliefs. You definitely comment subsequent to this and from there I agree! Thanks for the insightful response. Much appreciated!

Instead of questioning the ills of your life, why don't you just go out and kiss someone? It ain't that difficult. You just have to go out, be fun, and before you know it you will have your own experience. I know you don't think it is that simple, but it really is. <br />
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Don't let your past rule your life. You are the architect of your fate. You control how your life will be. If it is fear that prevents you from experiencing that part of life, then you have to overcome it by getting out there and having fun.<br />
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Good Luck.