It Sucks

bieng 20 and ive never been kissed, ive tried aproaching a few girls asking them out flirting all thsat stuff but ive failed every damn time, now one time i asked my best freind in the world out, and she not only said no but i lost her as a freind cause things got awkward between us, now i dont apraoch anymore and no girl seems to apraoch me either so im stuck in this lonely place with no way out cuase now im a coward and wont ask girls out anymore,so now i'm just wondering what makes me so unapraochable, and also this makes me feel pathetic due to the fact everyone else is doing all sorts of things and i got nothing, and then some of my freinds want to talk relationship stuff, and i got absolutely nothing, and now i feel ill forever be alone cause not many girls are gonna have the patience to deal with an inexperienced loser like me, sigh i just feel like the most pathetic loser on earth sometimes cause of this
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May 6, 2012