It Finally Happened =-o

....and it kinda sucked ha. I'm 26 and just went out with a guy that I knew in high school (I found him online on an anonymous site and didn't know it was him until we started talking). We went out on a second date last week and we were saying our goodbyes and I knew he wanted to kiss me and I was kind of stalling because I was nervous but I thanked him for dinner and gave him a hug and when we finished hugging he just stared at me for a second and kissed me. I kind of screwed it up lol I pulled away too fast I guess I don't really know. I'm not good at this junk. He then said "what kind of kiss was that?" in a half joking half "you've got to be kidding me" kind of way. It was embarrassing. Oh wells. We went out again one more time a few days later but I didn't really feel anything for him and didn't want to waste our time so I said bye.The kiss itself felt like nothing. Maybe because it was too fast? Or maybe because I didn't really like the guy? I won't know until I get another one to compare it to I guess. If you haven't kissed anyone yet I suggest waiting for a person that you actually have a connection with. It'll probably be 100x better than what I experienced.
OutOfPlace186 OutOfPlace186
26-30, F
May 12, 2012