This Is Me

Hi everyone! I have wanted to start a blog for years now, but for some reason never got to it. When I was little, I'd share my thoughts with my diary, named Fay. Now I want the chance to share my thoughts with...."real" people, no matter how computer generated and 21st century as it may be.
I'll start off with some facts:
-I am a freshman at some university in this world. Doing normal freshman stuff- meeting people, studying..or trying to linger onto my senioritis, not sleeping....
-I LOVE fairytales and romantic movies. No matter how unrealistic they may be, I receive the most satisfying feeling when the maiden in dispair falls in love and drives off into the sunset with her Prince Charming. I know that sort of stuff is produced by Hollywood and doesn't travel into the lives of actual normal people, but one can dream, right!? That's how it goes in all of the movies at least!
-I love food! Random, I know, but...just sharing! I literally eat every second of everyday. That's why I brushed my teeth before writing this-so I wouldn't fall into the trap of the box of candy sitting on the counter next to me in my dorm room.
-I have some really weird fears---no details there.
-And lastly, and probably most most importantly for the sake of this blog, I HAVE NEVER BEEN KISSED.
There, I said it (sort of?). I am not complaining. Just spilling the truth. I don't have a line of men outside my door begging me to have sex with them. But I also don't have guys awkwardly end conversations with me, just to get away (I usually bring the awkwardness to the conversations...or lack of conversation).
I am not going to tell you about my supermodel good looks and how I can't understand how a guy would be able to take his hands off of me. Through the course of this blog, for the few readers, you will probably get to know me better than by my description would by all means.
I guess my main reason for my decision to start this blog now was because of a recent occurrence. I was talking to some people on my floor and they were joking around about never being kissed before. I wish I had been kissed, just so that I would awkwardly have to change the conversation when asked "how far have you gone?" or "who was your first kiss?"
That's enough for tonight. Eighteen years of life in one post is a bit of a reach, but I'll continue this soon.
I hope I have not bored you too much!
Feel free to leave a comment, just don't be too harsh. Just sharing my thoughts, not looking for judgement.
Sorry for the lack of actual English in this post. I'm too tired to think!!
Have a great night!!!!
nvrbnksd nvrbnksd
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012