I am 21 years old and I've never been kissed.
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I totally agree with Lefteyes

20 and I haven't too! I wish I can find someone soon...

I'm 23 and I haven't. I wish i could tell you why you have and have not, but I don't know for myself. I feel like it is my appearance too. You could have the best personality, but even girls with lousy personalities, that I know, have been able to get kissed just within a few dances of meeting a guy. It's a bit depressing when you are the only one of your friends. I understand your trouble

Those are good goals, and I urge anyone to redouble their efforts, the younger the more time you have to really work on it and develop some incentive and realization that it's quite possible that it will never happen if you aren't proactive - I'm 36 and can join and post in ALL of these types of groups... =(

I was 19 the first time I was kissed however we were both rather drunk and we weren't in any kind of relationship. So except for that and the other time a really drunk girl kissed me when I was 19 (I was drunk then as well) I don't really feel like it was anything special. I'm 21 now, and I want the next time I kiss a girl for it to be special (for us to be in a relationship or feel something for each other rather than just being inebriated), but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

im 19 and ive never been kissed. at first i cared. but now im like w/e. when it happens it happens.

that's a good thing, that just means that you won't let any old stupid person kiss you!

I'm 47. I was kissed on the cheek once when I was young. Does that count?

i agree

The weird thing about humans is that there always seems to be *someone* who will find even the most unusual looking people attractive. But if you want to improve your odds, don't forget that attraction has much less to do with appearance than most people think. Work on confidence, presentation, style and ESPECIALLY humour and you will be far more attractive than you ever thought you could be. :)

wow!that's so true...i like this girl she's so unattractive.haha..i mean for most people but because she's cool and confident and because she plays bass guitar and i like her fashion sense, I'm so addicted to her...she's just so confident.haha :P

I am in the same boat. 21 and no kiss.

honestly it's my appearance...

Why do you think that is? Do you close yourself off to intimacy? Or you afraid of being close to someone? Are you standards unreasonably high?

well, that's exactly how I am.dat's why I'm 23 and never been kissed...