Never Kissed And Still Single

Hi everyone!

I'm 19 years old and I never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone. Sometimes I really have the feeling I'd like to have someone special to be with, but sometimes I think it's really easy being single. But still.. the feeling sucks. I have no experience at all and I'm scared that's gonna be obvious when the time will finally come. (hope it will)

I'm not sure why I'm still single, I guess for a part it's my own fault. 3 guys have once been interested in me. First there was one I talked to online (he knows my sister) and I had a drink with him later that week, actually by coincidence. I kinda liked him, but he's 7 years older than me and I felt a bit uncomfortable about that since I have no experience at all and after we met he was being so very in love it scared me off! But doesn't matter anymore, it's a long time ago. The second guy was the ex of my best friend. So that's a big no no, and he was also being very obsessed. Not long ago there was a guy, 4 years older, I had a date with but after that one date he was also being very pushy and I was really busy and stressed, also had some health issues (still stressed by the way) and I kind of rejected him. And I just wasn't interested, can't help it.

A few months ago I had big crush and the guy also really liked me, he told me he was in love and blabla but before something could happen, I suddenly don't hear from him anymore and then I saw on facebook he has a new girlfriend. Nice. I was really hurt.
There's also a guy I've been in love with a few times, but we don't really have the chance to meet regularly, probably because he's not interested in my that way.
I'm also shy and don't meet a lot of people.

Soo, I have some stories and I'm really sorry to bore you all with it, but I never told all of this to anyone. I really had to tell someone, because I'm feeling really down lately because of the stress at school, my health and I guess I'm also quite lonely. It's not my parent's fault, because they're really good for me and I can always talk to them, but it's just not the same.

Some people never had boyfriends, but allready kissed people, at parties and stuff. But I'm just not the type of girl to get drunk and go kissing someone. I'll just wait for the right person. I think I feel this pressure because a lot of people keep asking 'oh still no boyfriend?'. Why this pressure, are we forced to have a boyfriend or girlfriend at young age??!

Thanks for reading this!

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Hey, I wrote ur inbox, when u can please respond.

I know how you feel. I'm a 18 year old male that's never been kissed or touched in any way. I just have had the worst luck with girls. I'm normally a friendly person, was Co captain of my lacrosse teem but still haven't even kissed a girl. I just wish there was a girl that would understand I don't have any expirenice and not make me feel terrible about it.

I am the same. I'm a 20 year old female, and have never been kissed and have never had a boyfriend. I've never had any love interests either. I've never had a guy like me or we both like each other, but of course, I've had many crushes. My romantic life is defined as unrequited love haha. I don't like to drink and I don't party too much. I don't know why I'm single haha. I think it's because it's not my time and my life isn't ready for a boyfriend. I do agree with you that it's weird how there is a pressure to be in a relationship for our age group. I stopped worrying about this pressure because this is my life and i'm not going to let society interfere with my happiness. I think you should just keep being you and love yourself first. You can't love someone else before you love yourself.

Same as you, 19, never been kissed or anything of the sort... I've seen lots of posts like this too so we are not alone at least! Unfortunately there are always the people trying to help by saying "oh good for you" and "I wish I waited for the right person" and blah blah blah but people don't seem to understand how much it hurts constantly... I'd rather be one of the normal ones... Sorry probably not the great uplifting advice you want to hear but at least you know there are others out there who feel the same way...

your not alone dear!.... im 26, no bf/gf since birth.... never been kissed & never been touched!

wish there were more cute girls like you that have a little self control and dont ***** themselves out i mean in my graduating class i dont think there was even a single virgin let alone some girl that didnt have her first kiss so more power to you and i hope you save it for someone special

No need to rush things. You should save your kiss for someone special.

The advice i can give you is to be careful out there. You're pretty, and that may cause some problems. There are lots of guys that just want to take advantage of a girl and then throw her away.

Find someone that likes being with you, talking to you, listening to you and that doesn't rush things. The right guy won't mind to take things slow.

you sound like an awsome girl, ,you don't date with older guys, or those who were on a relationship with your friends, you sound very respectfull and responsable, things that on my way of thinking ( i'm guy who is very "old fashioned" about relationships) guys should look on a girl intead of "she had the body of a greek goddess" or "she's to shy, i want sex"

i'm not telling all of us are like that (believe me, i'm not like that) but most of my girl friends told me that (i'm an advicer to my friends)

and you said two guys got uobssesed with you, that shows you are also beautiful, so, the fact of been selective doesn't mean you are going to be alone.

you are right, why to rush? if we are young.

and about your history is not boring, is quite interesting.

sorry for bad English