Older, and Still No First Kiss

I'm now 33. Another birthday has come and gone. I didn't really want anything metieral. I just wanted my first kiss. But, I knew it wouldn't happen. There's no girl to ask. Nobody from whom it might be a suprise from. Nobody. It was another birthday alone. Just my first kiss. That's all I wanted. 

Cursedboy Cursedboy
36-40, M
3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

What do you do for a living by chance? or what hobbies and interests do you have that get you out of the house? Are you a home-body or someone who is at least out and about for most of the day? If you just work on getting a good job(or excellent job) and get some hobbies like going hunting, fishing or volunteer work.. you would be amazed at the results and the people you meet with similar interests.. You just gotta try your best and talk to people who have similar interests as you and You will make friends I guarantee it.. and making friends is the first step to finding a girlfriend

Tried that. For 10 years I tried not to worry about it. Focus on something else. Everything else. Belive it will happen 'oneday'. But it never did. If anything, it got further and further away. When I asked for help, people said that they didn't know because I never said anything. And then once they did know, they did nothing, except to tell me to focus on something else, that it will happen 'oneday' ... but in the 10 years since then, it still never has

aww you seem really down message me when you can we can have a chat :) and why the urge for first kiss.. if you forget it and put it behind you maybe one day that miss special will pop up but the more you dwell on it the worse it will seem to get.