Never Been Kissed and Not Surprised...

my combination of awful looks and extreme shyness pretty much seal the deal here...and there's not much I can do about either

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Everyone has their own time, maybe you're just not ready yet!<br />
Do you have any close friends? Cause if you do, you could think about them like more then friends. Or maybe just for the experience. You won't be sacrificing a friendship, I promise. Perhaps you'll feel safer if you kiss someone you're already close to and it could be more special too.

When you have a good kiss, you'll want more ... I can remember, because it took me a while ... you know it will happen. Remember it ...

*lol* =P

nah i don't really stress about it least not yet...if i hit 30 and im still in the same position...oh well at least ill have a kick *** career

I think one day your persoality just wins the day, and it'll happen, so don't stress.

You've asked me an impossible question!! =S<br />
Yeah, i knew I shud've deleted my comment and not said anything... mm.. how to pretend i have an answer... and not let on i mostly agree on most levels.. well I guess go ahead and talk tlike that if yuo're juust venting, but if you think like this all the time then, You are what you think. Your expectations are learned.. hmm. mine too. I practically begged for my first kiss as an adult, in fact i think I did beg!Good job no-one goes on the internet coz I wouldnt want anyone reading that! =(

no money for plastic for the suggestions have ever worked...i even took the dale carnegie class on 'how to win friends and influence people' does one control something that is seemingly controlled subconsciously?

Well , I don't know what to say apart from: This is clearly not the truth. Also nothing is ever sealed. :)<BR>I knoww, I'm not supposed to be so oppositional on EP, I'm suppposed to just say, "oh yeah we all feel like that at times.." but you don't have to. You don't have to put up with it. Not that i'm saying you're at fault here but ultimatly you do have to take control of your fears, this will be easy, you don't have to do it all at once. Sorry this comment is a bit crap. =/