Feel Unloved

I'm 19 and I have never dated and theres a million reasons why. Yes, I am interested in guys, but I don't ever feel confident enough to ask one out. For one, I take dating a little more seriously than the average person. I have many close friends and relatives that have dated and ended up together. I can easily recognize the signs when two people will obviously end up in a successful relationship. For myself, it is very difficult because I have never seen even a trace of those signs in my nonexistant love-life, and I don't want a relationship that I know will just end up breaking apart. It can be super depressing. I do not like anyone to make a big fuss over me. I am weird in the case that I don't like too much attention. I feel like dating will just draw attention to me as it is a huge deal among my family. I guess I'm just really afriad of rejection.

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

well. what can I say. am I lookin at a mirror?! we should talk.

No matter how great you are rejection comes with life. Nineteen is still young. My mother was a model and didn’t date till her mid twenties. I sense your old fashion too. There’s nothing wrong with asking someone out. I used to think girls should never ask a guy out. I missed out on lots of great guy. Look at dating as getting to know someone to see if you have common interest don’t look at it like your bound to the first guy you date. The experiences you have with the opposite sex will help you to found which traits you desire most. Hopefully you won’t have to kiss a lot of frogs!<br />
Good Luck