Almost 16 and Still Waiting

I guess cos I'm younger than some people who have joined this group you might say stuff like

'you've got ages, your still young, don't worry'

The truth is it seems like everyone I know has been on a date and I sort of fell like I'm not a proper teenager as I've never been on a date. Now my friend has started going steady with a guy and even though I'm well happy for her I can't help but feel a tiny bit jealous.

I sort of kid myself that I don't want a boyfriend but I guess that everyone secretly does.


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3 Responses May 27, 2008

I understand. Im almost 16 and i have never been asked out by a guy or been kissed. Its feels terrible. The worst part is that I think that i might have started liking my best friend but i dont know how to tell him about my feelings because I dont want to jeopardize ourfriendship. Hemeans more to me than anyone else in the world. Please help!

I know how you feel. I am 17 and still have never gone on a date. Plus, I felt the same way you did when I was 15 and 16. I mean, it's so hard these days. I've gotten so far behind. :'(<br />
<br />
But this isn't about me, though. I know totally what you're saying. I'm also tired of hearing people say, "You're young. Don't worry. Somebody will roll along." You've got me on your side, friend.

Screw that man! don't settle! but don't set the bar at prince/princess charming either. young or old we all want to be wanted. just keep your head on straight and realize that however much they say they are in love, it will end and then they will find a more real love. so go out and have fun in the now and don't worry about the then too much!<br />