So I Ruined My Only Opportunity...

So I finally got asked out for the first time every,
I really like this guy. He's pretty much everything I ever wanted, even his flaws.
He is very attractive in both looks a personality. Who am I kidding, he is completely out of my league.
I rejected him because I was afraid.
He asked me 2 more times and I rejected him
Why am I so stupid?

Hydronica Hydronica
22-25, F
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

He's asked you out twice now, so you know he's not going to run if you ask him around. Is he someone you see on a fairly regular basis? You could say: "hey, got some time? want to go grab a soda or a coffee?, I was just on my way..."

This will let him know you aren't completely rejecting him and he will likely ask you out again (don't dump him when he does ask).

good luck

You're not stupid, you're just like me. Sometimes I'm afraid to plunge into the unknown, but at some point we have to dive in and take that chance. If you really want to be daring, ask him out. Show him you're ready to take a step. Take a deep breath, settle your nerves and get rid of that self loathing attitude. If he asked you out, he must see something amazing in you so go for it!

hmm i think you are facing lack of confidence .. if he ask again say yes and be with him