Sadly, No.

I bet "Summer Vacation" from school doesn't count! XD

Nope, I never had a real vacation in my life. I would like to, someday. I would like to travel to Ireland or Japan. I'm not big on hot weather... anything over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, is trouble for me! So tropical places like Hawaii or Aruba is off limits! But, I would like to travel to to places during cool and rainy seasons. England sounds like a wonderful dream, as it rains a lot there! Whoo-hoo! :-D

Ah... someday. ;-)

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3 Responses Mar 7, 2009

You sound much like me! We all grew up very poor, and even though I managed to be the first in my family to ever attend college, I didn't finish because I needed to get right to work to help out my family.
I also do not prefer temperatures above 70, but I've never seen a beach/ocean, and I've been told that the sun is hot, but the wind from the waves makes everything so much better.
I live in Kentucky and have never even been anywhere for a weekend in all my 33 years on this earth. I dream of the British Isles, Greece, Ireland (like you!) and Italy. I get discouraged at times when I think about how I've still never been anywhere, but I'm finally in a position in life now where I can slowly (very slowly haha) start saving. I'm recently married and ecstatic. We didn't have money for a honeymoon (or a wedding besides one at the courthouse) because we decided to save for a honeymoon/anniversarymoon a year later. We have planned for Vegas in April of 2014, and I can't contain my excitement!
I hope the best for you and your travel wishes! Keep dreaming and eventually you'll wake up to one of them being right in front of your eyes. :-)

You sound like you work very hard! What are you doing? Yep, you definitely need a vacation :)

It sure does rain a lot here. Around this time of year, it's fairly cool, but some days are just warm enough to not wear a coat. And yeah, you're right, it does rain quite a bit here. In that case, you'll love it :)<br />
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I can't believe you haven't been on a proper vacation! I'll just have to smuggle you into England then ;)