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I know it is hard to believe in this day and age but really I haven't. Never had the opportunity to. On our family trips we always drove or took the Amtrak. I want to. Sometime.
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Wow, the comments on here are pessimistic. A little late commenting here, but for anyone reading this, flying IS the safest way to travel. Period. Yes, the few crashes that happen can really shake people up (when I hear about crashes it makes me hesitant to fly as well). But millions of people fly each day. Thousands of planes take off AND land safely everyday. And if something does go wrong on a flight, the pilots can usually land the plane safely. There are even airlines that haven't had any crashes or incidences, such as Frontier which has frequent flights and has been in business for a long time.<br />
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So if you don't want to fly, then don't. If you do want to fly, but have fears about it, there are many ways to overcome them. Don't listen to people who say "Don't do it, I had a bad experience", or "You don't have any chance of surviving a crash" (bullshit). Do your own research first before relying on what other people tell you. There are so many places to see, and you won't be able to see them if you refuse to believe flying for the most part is safe.<br />
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Plus, saying air travel is aggravating is ba<x>sed on personal opinion. Yes, for a lot of people it is. But for me I think it's fun and a great way to meet different people. On almost every flight I've been on, I've always had someone interesting to talk to, and sometimes while waiting in the airport I'd talk to nice groups of people. I've only had a couple of bad experiences while flying, but they're hardly anything compared to all the good experiences. <br />
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And it's amazing to see some of the stuff when you're at that altitude. If you do ever book a flight for the first time, you should go with one that takes off at dawn. The sky looks amazing at sunrise :)

Well said Tardy and Brut. <br />
I hate the feeling actually.. taking off and landing.<br />
and turbulance - NOOO.<br />
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Once I had to pee SO BADLY.. I couldn't drink enough to get over my anxiety. The plane was being thrown around.. strick adherence to the 'fasten seatbell' signs.<br />
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This was going on for a couple of hours, or so it seamed. I finally sait Fug-It and go up to GO... REBEL! Thats me.<br />
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Of couse the plane hit an under current BIG TIME and threw me half way down the isle. Needless to say, I was properly escorted back to my seat and not so kindly told to STAY PUT! is harder to survive most plane crashes than it is car ot train...u know that is safer to travel in an airplane blah blah blah...bullshit. If there were as many planes in the sky as there are cars on the road-almost every plane would crash. The sky was meant for birds. But, do what you like. Thanks Dodo...most people think we are weird.

I don't think there's any rush, in fact I think it's something that sets you apart from the rest of the masses in nice way. Like you have a more classic, deeper understanding of the meaning of travel. A long haul plane trip is a very boring and at times aggravating way to travel. Plus, you don't see anything!