I have always been and always ...

I have always been and always will be extremely firm in my religion and beliefs.
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Just by using wikipedia as your source shows me that you probably aren't getting your information from reliable sources. Wikipedia is probably the worst source for getting information of any kind simply because of the premise of it. The site is built so that anyone who takes 30 seconds to sign up can edit any article they'd like in any way they like. I'm sure there is some scientifically "true" information in there, but it could easily be polluted with other crap that some random person felt like putting in there.

Well starslugger, I hope you have a strong enough will to not become a pot smoking gangster. I have never had any problem with not falling into that or any other perceived negative social grouping, it's a matter of will...I have it without any faith.<br />
Try reading a web page on the big-bang, wikipedia should do. Nothing like the version you gave me.

Oh, don't get me wrong; I have a HUGE interest in the universe and what could be out there, just waiting for discovery. I just have a very firm belief in how the universe was created.

It's good that you have something to believe in, but why not open your mind a bit to other theories? There is so much out there I would be surprised if you were not even the slightest interested in it. The universe in itself is astounding.

Why is it good to believe in God and heaven? Because it gives us (fellow Christians) hope. I have hope for my future, and quite honestly, without that hope, I'm not entirely sure I would be here speaking about this right now. Another reason is that my faith gives me something to live and strive for. I strive to be the best I can be because it pleases Him. Now, this is just speculation again, but without that motivation, I see myself becoming another one of those teenage “gangsters” who smoke pot, get in fights, and go to juvenile hall multiple times before age 18 when they can be tried as adults. I’d say that’s a definite “plus” on the God//faith side.<br />
As far as your “anecdotal evidence from ancient texts” is concerned, if you do a little research, you will find that the New Testament, the part of the Bible that mainly teaches the salvation aspect (since that seems to be the focus here), IS obviously ancient, but scholars and scientists have dated the gospels (the first 4 books) within just a few years of the events they talk about. Most manuscripts are within a thousand years of what they talk about, and then, when they are written down for the first time, they are so changed and exaggerated by the folklore that must have been slipped in during that period of time, that they are hardly reliable anymore. Also, there are some 5000+ ancient copies of the New Testament, all nearly identical. This is amazing considering the next manuscript only has 100-200 copies at most. How do you say that a document with 5000 nearly identical copies is less true than a document that has only 200 copies, many of which may not be all that close?<br />
Now, if I may question your evolutionary theory, how DID the Big Bang happen? I mean, from what I’ve heard, this is how it goes:<br />
A couple million years ago, there was nothing, just space or whatever. Then, over more millions of years, this magical dust begins to appear and gather together, get hot, and then blow up, creating the universe. Close enough, right?<br />
<br />
Where did the dust come from? Obviously, you can say, well, where did God come from, but God is based on faith, your Big Bang theory is based on LOGIC. How does dust appear out of nowhere?<br />
<br />
(Ps. Please don’t think you slipped your allegation of religion being impossible OR your Hitler reference by me. I caught them both; I just chose not to reply to a childish simile.)

As I said elsewhere, that is a good thing. I sell questions, questions get people seeking answers...Atheism leads to more questions because it blocks out the blanket answers, Atheism encourages logical thought.<br />
No, I do not think these things just pop up…Evolution physics and time slowly, painstakingly and imperfectly sculpted nothing into something.<br />
Before I try Islam, perhaps you should try Catholicism…I hear it’s very catchy. Please, findpeaceinislam, start asking some decent questions, I mean seriously, get us thinking…because you haven’t yet.<br />
<br />
Starslugger09, if you read some of my stories and comments you will see that I try to live as close to the evidence at hand. I do not see any reason to be stubborn in any faith because I have seen that a firm opinion defies change even if it is wrong. To be firm in your belief is a good thing for you, because what you believe is really so hard to believe…many people find it impossible to believe the impossible. I do not see how god or religion is possible (and no-one has tried explaining sensibly either), so I do not see how you are doing yourself any favours by convincing yourself that you are going to heaven when there is nothing to show that the dead go there except anecdotal evidence from ancient texts…even the modern clairvoyants describe places quite different to accepted heaven…<br />
But obviously, if you really believe it with resolute unshakable belief, just as Hitler did his policies, then there’s no logical argument to sway you…Perhaps you are covering up for your own unsure thoughts…who am I to guess? (a)No-one to you) Tell me why it is so good for you to believe in god and heaven.

and Mystik- when did i ever say that everyone else has to believe what i do? i was simply stating that what I believe is extremely certain in my mind.

Smebro- what about all those things? im not sure i understand your point. and it is good to test my beliefs, but i know that no matter how i am tested, my beliefs will remain. as far as changing my mind, i would rather believe i am going to heaven w/o doubt than change my mind and be unsure

I have to agree with you, smebro. Dogma isn't practical and impedes our ability to seek other solutions in our lives that may be more liberating and truly fulfilling; religion has hepled many people, I know that, but I find that the real problem begins-not with believing in something-but believing that everyone else has to believe it too.

What about knowledge? Or learning? Or experience? Isn't it good to test your belief? To see just how much you believe it? Or to leave the possibility open that you might change your mind?<br />
I think it's a little restrictive is all, no offence<br />
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Never say always