I Actually Planed to Have Neve...

I actually planed to have never been religious. But by the time I wrote this pc generated uniquely posed question there it was I had been religious but Never stayed religious although i am spiritual. So I guess that would be a unqualified maybe...Unless of course you really mean..................LoL quit it!

However I am a man of faith and have a mostly unshakeable belief in the inate goodness of a superior being. God oh the mostly part?? Well I spent a year quite mad at him in recent times as I felt deserted and alone.  I believe he/she does always answer prayer. But the answer is frequently not what we want to hear so we scream we are being ignored.. I confess to selective hearing on this score.  I'll elaborate on this a lil later when I am nae so used up. For the most part we really don't loose our faith in God, We believe we just feel abandoned, which hurts outr feelings and ****** us off. If you are mad at God say it tell him ask him to help you see and hear his will for you..

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2 Responses May 14, 2007

Spiritual you are, religious you are when you cook. I love it

Trying to be religious made me soooo depressed - I tried being spiritual and that made all of the difference in the world to me. There is a great difference you know.