Was Raised In a Fundamental Re...

Was raised in a fundamental religion and tried so hard to be that but . . .
found out my own spirituality was more important.   When I tried to be religious I was very depressing to me. 
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I read so many "new thought" articles these days and hope that they are somewhat true. It seems our planet has been in the grip of the "evil one" for quite a long time and that an age of "peace" is upon us. We are at the tail end of the age of Pisces and the dark is grabbing at straws or anything they can get to not lose their hold upon us. Probably one more fairy tale, but it would be so nice if it actually was true. I read about ascension and about indigo children and crystal children. At least it keeps my mind off the horrendous realities that surround me daily. I look at all of the religions and know they are mechanisms of fear mongers who use their "God" as a business for money and power. New thought "preachers" keep telling us a new age is coming - I hope I get to see it. To me, this world as it is, is hell. I agree with everything you said.

Hi Mitch the Muddled - Ha! I think you are doing great as a spiritually based person. We all have a chord within us that when struck - we resonate our own brand of soul and spirit. You do that very well.<br />

Eagle, I read your book Nibs Goes To London. I can see what you say about making funny stories up and creating a "new life" out of old experiences. I haven't quite learned how to do that yet. Like the other day - I was shopping in the Piggly Wiggly and handed the clerk a $50.00 bill. The clerk looked at me and said, "I'll have to call the manager, because your bill looks counterfeit". So the manager comes over and says, "I have to call the police because you have a counterfeit bill". I told them I had gotten it from the bank - that didn't matter. The cops came and there was a meeting of the store bigwigs at the checkout counter. There must have been 5 or 6 of them with the cop checking out my money. They finally came to the conclusion that the money was OK - that maybe it had been put thru the laundromat and that is why the "counterfeit pen" didn't work on it. So, my money was restored to me and we got our groceries and left. It wasn't very funny at the time - but the more I think on it the funnier it gets. Your Nibs book has a lot of funny stuff in it.<br />

Why has it taken me so long to realize this? It was told to me by a psychiatrist when I was 20 but I didn't understand the way it was said. <br />
<br />
Robert Ingersoll (who ran around with Thomas Paine) wrote - "if Noah had a hobby on the ark, it had to be sanitation". That was the first time questioning the Bible was brought home to me. It started my search for my own personal journey. I find that Eastern philosophy appeals to my spirit and feeds it well. As to "life is a stage", acting comes a bit hard to me sometimes. For instance today - I was just plain tired of all of it. Went to bed and stayed for several hours reading and trying to meditate. I've heard there is a yoga of laughter - sounds good to me! Thank you so much for your great comment. I appreciate it.

Religion is something insecure people reach for to make them feel secure.<br />
Remember that life is a lie because we are all taught to lie at an early age and told it is alright to lie and that everything is a fantasy. We are taught there is a tooth fairy, an Easter Bunny, a Santa Claus and a god and we believe it because everybody else does. We do not question it because we believe it and our minds are so taken over from an early age. But if we begin to question it we start to move away from the lies and the fantasy and use it to have fun with and create stories of our own and turn them into fantastic adventures where we too learn to create the fantasies we were taught was true. Then we go to church to socialize and make friends and know it is all just a game and have lots of fun playing the game as we create our own rules to be the winner. If you know life is just a big stage play then you can create and write your own plays getting your inspiration from the lies that were taught you and turning them into wonderful stories to entertain others. You can even turn them into satire and make fun of everybody including the churches, the government, VIP's, the president, the police, the military, kings, cannibals, cowboys, hobo's, animals and even nations and entertain the very people who lied to you. Ask yourself sometime; Was there really an Adam & an Eve, a talking snake, a big boat where every animal upon the earth and 8 humans crowded in a boat for one year while it rained for only 40 days and forty nights? Come on now, doesn't that just smack of fantasy? Have fun, laugh for it is all just make believe.