A Scary True Story

It happened in 2004. It was already dark outside and my friend kathy and I were walking through every street looking for Kevins house. Kathy had a major crush on him but she didn't know where he lived all we knew is that it was a house for homeless people. Yeah Kevin was homeless but extremely HOT.

Finally we found it. It was like a small apartment, on the door we saw a lot of names and Kevins name was on there too, there was a window, I remember looking through it and seeing a man lying in his bed with ton of empty beer cans on the floor. We opened the door and walked in. The door closed by it self, but we couldn't find the light switch so we were standing there in the dark. When we finally found it we couldn't believe our eyes, it was so disgusting. There were bugs everywhere and gravity sprayed on the walls and it stank like urine. We realized we were in a house for crazy sick people so we decided to pick Kevin up and leave, but Kevin wasn't in his apartment so we decided to go but there was no door knob, and we just couldn't open the door. When we heard voices from upstairs we  decided to go there and look for Kevin. So we walked up the old noisy wooden stairs and then a drunk man opened the door and asked "what are so lovely ladies doing in a place like this?" Kathy asked him if he knew where Kevin was and the man said "a have a bunch of people in my room right now why don't you go in and check for yourself you might find him" he must have thought we were stupid. In that moment I said to Kathy "let's get the hell out of here!!!" but she kept talking to that weird man, so I ran downstairs and Kathy followed me but we just couldn't open the door, I ran to the other side of the hole and found a backdoor but It was locked, so me and Kathy were running back and forth like crazy and then I fell over a three wheeler and was very close to crying. Then we heard someone coming down the stairs, we ran to the door and kept punching it. We heard the steps coming closer and closer and we screamed facing to the door and suddenly someone grabbed us from the back and we SCREEEMED!!!!! Then we turned and .................it was Kevin lol, he was upstairs with that weird man, so we realized that the man was telling the truth. We all went upstairs where the little party was and guess who else I found there.................my older brother, we were so surprised to find each other in a place like this. So I was downstairs screaming for my life without knowing that my brother was right there lol. Then me and Kathy left and Kevin opened the door for us.

****************** THE END ********************

GrueneRose GrueneRose
Apr 28, 2007