it kind of sucks because i have done it for other people, and its no secret to anyone who knows me that i would love something like that. but i feel when it comes to me people just dont put forth as much effort as i would in trying to make me smile and make me happy. i guess because people know i am so easily pleased. i will give you an overwhelming hug for just a flower or a nice card, because it is the thought that counts, but whats wrong with still going that extra mile. But whatever! 

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If wishes were fishes we could all live in the sea...I do hope that you are feeling better.....

thank you so much cheesecowboy! the biggest wish you could make for me is for me to have a happier existance babe, becuase this **** of a life i am living right now is the pitts!

I wish i knew your b-day i would have sent a about a "belated birthday wish"?

18 years and counting nadda for my birthday hell people forget most of the time im including my parents

How about a surprise? "your great"...i do know how you feel and it is the position of some people to put forth more effort...i had a friend leave (run away really) because he felt like he had become a burdon (he was, but he was still a friend). only you know when laziness turns to be taken advantage of...