Not Yet...

...although i hope to make it there someday. in fact, i think i'd probably enjoy it more now that i'm older. i may be 21, but i'm still 5 at heart! :)

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5 Responses Apr 14, 2009

wow, i didn't realize this story had become so popular! i should've checked it sooner! :)<br />
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thank you all, after reading all these comments i want to go there today, right now!<br />
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sounds like a plan, vince...i'm gonna start packing tonight! ;)

I'll take you, and buy you cotton candy and a big teddy bear.

I wish you luck and hope you get your wish...DD

oh, awesome! thanks for the advice!<br />
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yeah, i can imagine it must be awesome at christmas! :)

Oh its awesome! I've been three times. The only thing is, don't buy food or snacks or drinks at the park. And don't go in the middle of summer, its too crowded and you won't get on any rides without paying extra for a fast pass. Plus, it's unbearably hot. I heard they decorate very nicely for Christmas.